Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Double Take

This evening cowboy Vic took Sophie and I out for a Ranger ride to check on things.

What type of things do we check? 

There's a lot of important things.... 

Someday's it's the chickens.

Someday's it's the alfalfa fields.

Today it was the cows.

This is what we found.

Just a double take!

Kinda cute watching them in double.

Just another slow day at the ranch!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roller Coaster

Being a parent and watching your children grow is such a wonderful thing but it can also rip out your heart at the same time.

My week was filled with a roller coaster of emotions.

This is how it went....

Our kids, all three of them, started school this week.  That sounds ordinary enough, but knowing our first is in her last year of high school, our middle is only two years away from her last year, and our three year old is starting preschool is just too much for a mom to handle.  It's feels like being on a roller coaster with the highest most thrilling part of the track being the excitement of our littlest finally going to school and the exhilarating loop-de-loop being the excitement and fear of our oldest growing up and heading in new directions and ultimately ready leave the park!

Off to school they went for yet another year of fun with their friends.  After they drove off, I sat at the kitchen table and reflected on what great kids they are and how much I love them and then I cried....for just a moment, remembering each of their first days to kindergarten and thinking, wasn't that just yesterday?

Only two short days later, we got back on the roller coaster and took our youngest to her first day of preschool.  

We went out into the yard to do the traditional pictures that all of us do, and I became overwhelmed with those darn emotions again.  I wanted to take pictures of every inch of her to somehow hold onto how beautiful those little hands are, and how cute she looked in her kitty-cat shirt she picked out for her first day, and those little toes that I so want to remember forever.

I captured her, a resembling mixture of her two sisters, and her sweet smile that can bring her daddy to his knees. 

I captured her curls that she was so proud of, as she couldn't wait to show her new friends her hair.  So sweet what their little minds think.

I captured her and her excitement about the simplest, her Hello Kitty Thermos.  She was so amazed by the button and the flip-up straw.  That's what I want to remember is her excitement.

We made it to the entrance. 

I took a deep breath in, crossed my fingers that everything would go well, and smiled at that little munchkin face she makes when she's excited. 

  I stayed behind to watch, she led the way telling her daddy and I where her classroom 'probably' was.  She remembered from the tour we took days before where her cubby was and where to hang her backpack.

We were proud.

She went right in without fear, no tears, and sat right down where her teacher told her a puzzle was waiting for just for her.

How do some have such bravery and others want to cling to us.  I have had both, all I can figure out is that she is ready to leave mom and move on to the next adventure in life.

I'm sad, but I'm happy too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pet Faces Photo Challenge

It's "Pet Faces" Photo Contest over at I Heart Faces.

I thought it would be fun to post "Kitty loves Froggy" in the photo contest and see what happens!

Backyard friends.

Go check out other Pet Faces entries at I Heart Faces they are all so cute.

Photo Challenge Submission
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