Thursday, May 31, 2012

On The Golden Pond

I love fun photo shoots especially when the location turns out amazing.  I recently took Senior pictures for a great girl who is strikingly beautiful inside and out.

This is how it went....

 We started out the shoot at her house in the front and back yards where her and her little brother used to play when they were young.  Selecting personal and memory filled locations makes any portrait session even more special.

An outfit and location change proved to be the perfect recipe to our time together.  We had planned on shooting near this tree cropping where the tall grasses were the perfect color and height for the shots, but along the way we stopped at an open meadow where the afternoon sunlight was magical.  I'm so glad we did because many of the shots were my favorites.

Awe, I love this one, I think I could look at it all day.  

 We moved on from the meadow and down to the pond where her and her brother used to catch tadpoles and scout for fish.  The scene was truly one of those that made my heart skip a beat.  The beauty of the grasses in the sunlight and the rich textures made me nearly fall over from excitement.  She looked stunning and I could hardly contain myself!

Speaking about my self containment...the next set of shots nearly made me faint!  We decided that it would be really fun to get her in the water and take some shots.  When I saw the scene before me I was filled with such excitement that I felt like bursting out screaming to the world..."do you see this beauty before me!" but no one was around to listen to my ranting except the two of us, so I bottled up my emotions, threw them on the shore, and got into the water with her.  

The water was cold but we didn't notice too much, we were a little more concerned about falling in too far or what was lurking around our feet.  We were laughing and having so much fun that nothing really mattered except getting the perfect shots. 

The perfect ending to a perfect shoot!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday On The Lake

 Our nephew had a birthday.

It was at a lake in our neck-of-the-woods.

I was happy.

This is how it went....

My cutie-pa-tootie nephew, Ty, has this really great mom who plans really cool birthday parties, and this was one was no exception.

The theme of the party was fishing, his mom had the table decked out in all things fishing and set for a fun day in the cool pines hanging out with family.

When the family finished fishing, [that's a lot of fff's], everyone headed down to the lake, this is when the guys decided to check out who could skip rocks the farthest.

Ty has a great throw, he's learned from the best...his dad.

This is my brother, my twin, the skipping king.

He taught his technique to his daughter, Natalie.

 She followed along...

Finally, she tries it on her own and skips it three times.

Then it was time to teach his oldest daughter, Audrey.  She rocked her skipping training too.

Once the kid-training was over it was time for him to test his skills.

 Six or seven skips across the lake proved his skills are worthy of the title we bestowed to him...Pro-Skipper.

This is my other brother, Shawn, and his family.  

He's a skipping king too.

We had a fun day celebrating Ty's birthday and hanging out together.

The End.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happily Ever After

Prom finally came after all of the planning, preparing and buying.  Then it went like a fleeting moment.

This is how it went....

The theme for the night was....

Happily Ever After

Both of my daughters were asked to Prom this year.  It was a bit of a challenge  with planning for two.  Since it was Hailey's, the oldest, Junior year Prom, we focused on getting her dress first, along with the shoes, jewelry, appointments, etc.  Megan is a Freshman, technically Prom is only for Juniors and Seniors, except when a Junior asks an underclassman.

Searching high and low for the perfect dress, we finally found one that had "princess" written all over it.  Hailey loves bright colors and "we-the-parents" were happy it nicely covered everything, unlike 60 percent of the dresses!

[I wore the same style to my Junior Prom, but I didn't tell her that or she would have found a reason not to like it, for fear of looking like her mother!] {smile}

Hailey is an imerging self-taught make-up artist and was asked by her friends to do their Prom make-up.  In between getting ready herself, she applied makeup to her friends, which I have to say was exceptionally great!

When her date, aka, Prince Charming, arrived he sat on the couch waiting for his princess and watching all of the moms in our house run around stressed, taking snapshots and helping the girls with their dresses.  We had 6 girls altogether getting ready.  The dads were as cool as cucumbers out back on the patio having a BBQ and a cold beverage!

 Just before she came out of the room, "okay Mom, how do I look?" I, with a knot in my throat, said, "absolutely breathtaking."

Now lets get out of the bedroom and get some pictures of you two!

The prince got up from the couch and smiled with a blown-away-look on his face mixed with a bit of excitement, and gave her a hug.  Then he reached for the flowers and began tying the flowers to her wrist.


The princess had a bit of trouble here as she didn't know how to properly pin his flower.  She figured it out and laughed about it.

Stunning Taylar.

While the kids talked and laughed I had a few of the girls come out for a picture.  I wasn't able to get a good one of my youngest princess as she had to leave in a hurry like Cinderella at midnight!  [Momma was not happy about that but she had to go to her date's parents home for pictures.]

This is Gunner, another prince-charming and date of Taylar.

Beautiful Brette.

Waiting for her date to arrive.

 Out the door and off to the Charlotte Hall Museum where the entire school of Prom kids and parents meet to take pictures of the kids.

 We finally found our younger princess, gave her a hug and she was off and running taking pictures with all of her friends and her date.

 Sisters, our two beautiful princesses.

 Catching a moment with their dates.

 Some of the other princesses!

 Oh the dresses! 
They were all so beautiful.  

I think I was in dress heaven!


Childhood friends and princesses.

Then there was the shoes!

There was sparkly, gem encrusted, pinks, silvers, and golds.  

I think it was shoe heaven too!
Megan and her friend Selena. 

Two beauty's.

One more picture before they all left for dinner and dancing.

It was a beautiful night, a long one for us as parents, since we stayed up, well...with one eye open and one eye shut, until they got home.  Knowing they were home safe allowed me to finally drift off into dreamland.
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