Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Now That's A Snow Day!

While Mother Nature and Mr. Winter battled through the night over whether or not it's Spring or Winter, we clearly noticed that Mr. Winter won the war.  He left in a hurry, but not without a gift for the sleepy heads in our home.  One-by-one the kids came running down the hall saying "No school, it's a snow day," while Vic and I responded with,  "we know," and then look back out the window toward the thick white beauty that was displayed before us.

Our day was clearly going to be fun.

This is how it went....

It may not look like a lot of snow to those who live in the snow country, but here in Arizona, snow is super cool, since we don't get that much.

Before we could get little Sophia dressed in her snow gear, she pulled on her boots over her horse pajamas and ran out the door to explore.  

Ballerina twirls were first on the list of playing in the fresh snow.

After we all got properly dressed [some of us] for the cold and snow, the kids were antsy to get on the quad for some sledding.

 Our friends, Craig and Cari, who were "snowed in" with us, joined in the fun.  Craig hooked up the kids with a mighty fine tow rope complete with a tree branch handle.

Off they went cruising in the front yard!

 Codi had it down, she was a quad-pulling-sled-riding-pro by the end of the day.

 Lucy and Jack loved the snow too!

After all of the big kids had their fun, it was time for Sophia to have a turn.

Snow bunnies, Codi and Cari, lookin good on the slopes of the front yard!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

A couple of days ago we were all noticing that Spring had sprung.  The trees had begun blooming and the grasses were bright green again.  Just when Mother Nature had tempted us with beautiful 70 degree weather, an angry Mr. Winter came back to throw his white blanket on all of our fun!  

This is how it went....

The angry Mr. Winter came in the night running through the land sprinkling his  frosty white flakes all about.  When we woke up after the long night of howling wind and whistling trees, we thought he had done his deed for good, but he came back over and over again giving us more than we could stand!

The little ol' rock house has seen many a storm and stood strong through the fury.

The creek didn't seem to mind the snow as it kept up with its steady flow.

Sheba and Suzi, welcomed Mr. Winter's fierce whipping wind as they watched the gate latch slowly shake back and forth until it finally released, freeing the iron door from it's restraint.  Sensing the freedom outside, they left the safety and warmth of their corral and endured the fury of the storm to see what was waiting for them outside.  Oh what freedom they surely enjoyed, frolicking and playing in the snow until their noses caught the scent of something wonderful.  The sweet scent wafted through the air, drawing them from their fun as their noses took control and began searching until they found the treasure hiding from them.  Coming through the back of the barn and into a small room in the corner, they found the hidden treasure, a sweet of a bale of hay where they happily stood and ate until their heart's content.

What was once a nice rectangular shape of hay, somehow turned into a mess, Sheba and Suzi didn't care to hide their secret night of eating!

Early in the morning, when the snow stopped falling, we went to check on the animals, and to our surprise, Sheba and Suzi were out of their corral!  Vic and Craig began to coax them with the sweet taste of hay but they seemed to be uninterested after a quick sniff from Suzi.  

They just weren't hungry, hummm, we all wondered why!

Only Sheba and Suzi knew what Mr. Winter had done to bring excitement and delight to their night!

Goodbye for now girls, until we check on you a little later!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting On Track

Trying to get back on a routine is hard, so many things seem to interfere.
Today we started back up on our daily walk to get out of the house and enjoy the warm sun, blossoming trees, and the animals.

This is how it went....

A walk by the creek is a welcome sight to me.  Not only do we enjoy it, but the dogs love running through it, the ducks swim in it every chance they can and the cows drink from it everyday.  "It's a beautiful thing" Martha Stewart always says.

 Sophie takes time to play with her dogs, then I get choked up realizing that she is growing up way too fast.

Just when she thought it was safe to lay down in the grass and look up at the trees...Lucy came nosing around for a lick! 

We had a fun day outside enjoying our time with the dogs.  We are off to go brush the ponies and feed them a treat!

Have a great day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Picture Perfect

Soph and I went out in search of a great place to take volleyball team pictures, after 5 locations, we found the perfect place...the lake.  The dry grasses and rich color near the water were the perfect compliment to the team's blue uniforms.

Soph was tired from all of the walking, while her mom was searching for the right lighting and backgrounds, she entertained herself exploring.  After a few moments of shooting, I turned around and found her sitting and playing with the dried flowers and her balloon, such a beautiful and innocent moment.

We had a fun time together, although she learned that touching her balloon on dried flowers caused her balloon to pop.  We left the lake, I was happy I found the perfect location for a shoot and Soph had tears from her balloon popping.  A quick trip to the ice cream store fixed that.

Friday, March 2, 2012


It's been a while since I have been able to blog.  My life has been crazy the last few weeks, going in a thousand different directions.

This is how it went....

{This is my life the last few weeks.} 

Actually it's a photograph I took to teach myself how to paint with light.  It looks rather kindergarten-ish but it was only my third photo using this technique.  I will blog about it later.

To start off the craziness I have been through lately, my computer was down for some time before it was able to be fixed so blogging was out of the question


I have also been crazy busy with photo shoots, I have had to dedicate any extra time outside of my normal family duties for editing and printing to keep up with the shoots


I've been sick.  The kind of sickness that produces a stuffed head where you cant breath out of you nose, your ears are plugged and you are wishing some part of your face would pop so that you could get some relief! But it never happened and the misery continued until the Robitussin kicked in.

Just when I thought I was getting better the nagging cough started, just enough to completely and utterly drive myself and all those around me crazy from listening to 4000 coughs per minute of pure hacking noise. Yuck!

I tried to go to the doctor, once, but when I finally called, it was Saturday and they were closed.  There's always next week, I thought to myself.  

Funny how we sometimes forego our own care for others first.  I took my kids to the pediatrician as soon as they got the bug, but somehow I thought 'I' could beat it.  I took my Emergen-C Raspberry Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix everyday and tried to 'will' myself to full health.  After 5 weeks and 3 days I lost the battle and called my doctor, first to see if the nurse would call in an antibiotic, but she said by the sound of my cough, no chance, I had to make an appointment.  Darn.

When I got to the doctor's office I immediately felt worse, probably because everyone around me was sniffing, coughing and droopy eyed.  At least I fit in.  When I heard my name called I jumped up and followed the nurse down the long hall where we made a pit-stop at the scale. [Dread]  The good news was I lost a few pounds, an unexpected surprise for the day.  We proceeded down the down the hall and into the room where I hopped up on the paper-covered table so the nurse could really get a good look at me.  She took my vitals, they were perfect, I'm fine I said to myself.  The she took my temperature. She said, "did you know you have a fever?" My mouth dropped, "I HAVE A FEVER!"  [Whaa] That's why I felt so bad.  

Needless to say, my doctor was not happy with me for not coming in sooner.  He said the next stage with this bug could have been pneumonia. [Yikes]  So I did learn from my self-neglect, that's all I will say.  Don't feel sorry for me, I don't deserve it.  

I will be better faster than you can shake a stick.  [That's a saying my Grandpa used to say] Who shakes sticks anyways? 

Good Night!
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