Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PHS Homecoming 2012

Homecoming night proved to be another great night for the town and all of the kids. The football team kicked some ball and the crowds were roaring with fierce enthusiasm.

This is how it went....

Since their school doesn't go formal with their homecoming dance, I didn't let that stop me from taking the dress outside for a few pictures while waiting for her to get home and get ready for her big night.

She's ready, and I only got a moment with her before her sister picked her up and took her to the game.

For some reason my girls didn't want a "sisters" picture, I couldn't get Hailey out of the car, but I managed to get one of her and her friend while they drove by saying, "oh and mom we need money."

At the football game, the seats were packed and the crowds were excited since Prescott was beating Cactus Shadows.

At half-time Prescott was doing awesome.

The cheerleaders kicked off the start of the royalty.

Last year's royalty and the couple from the 1950's were honored.

Homecoming King and Queen!!

Nominees ~ Riley and Nick

Nominees ~ Adrianna

Even though I was 10 blocks from where I wished I were standing taking pictures, I was so happy to be there and so proud watching my daughter.

The end.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homecoming Parade 2012

Our town knows how to do it right when it comes to celebrating important holidays and milestones.  Last week was Prescott High School's spirit week, Homecoming Parade, football game and dance.  It was quite a busy week for the kids and teachers as well as all of the volunteers who made so many things possible to celebrate our kids.

This is how it went....

In honor of spirit week and homecoming the high school puts together a homecoming parade with floats for each class and all of the nominees and attendants ride along in the parade waving and throwing candy to the little kids watching. 

The varsity football team looked really cool sitting on the firetruck - they got off easy not having to build a float!  

The cheerleaders walked, jumped and cheered around the town square showing off their spirit and great moves!

Our daughter, Megan, was voted Homecoming Attendant for her class of 2015.  
We were so proud and happy for her to have been nominated.

Her sophomore class decorated their float with an alien day theme from spirit week.  I never figured out the alien part but it was fun anyway. Megan was also happy to have her best friend, Selena, on the float too.

The kids did really well when it came to thinking up ideas for their class floats.  The wild animal float was pretty fun to see.

Dodging the flying Tootsie Rolls, I was able to get a few shots without falling over little kids diving for the loot!

PHS has a lot of clubs and the kids did a lot of walking to show them off.

Homecoming Nominees ~ Nick and Riley

Homecoming Nominees

The awesome police department kept everything safe and under control, a big thanks to them and the town for supporting the kids.

 After the parade the kids all went to the original home of PHS, now known as Mile High Middle School, and had a pep-rally-bon-fire celebration to kick off the football game the following night.

Our daughter's friends ~ Nick and Riley who were nominated for King and Queen.

 The fire was awesome, it was the center of the rally and gave us the only light to see with which was  good for the parents.

That awesome fire would not have been possible without the team of firefighters who maintained and watched the kids to ensure all went off without a hitch.  We were so grateful for their support.

This cutie-patootie cheerleader is special to me as I have watched her grow-up with my girls.

Here's two of the most important people in my life, my beautiful daughters, who make me cry nearly everyday with frustration of raising teenagers, but who also bring me more joy than can be explained.  We are so proud of both of you! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Incredibly Proud

Last week was a blur, I took a break from the ranch and went to the mall for some me time, not really, I'm remembering that I went there to meet my oldest who needed some new outfits for her Senior portraits, but the fact was I was out of the house without a three year old attached to my leg and feeling free as a bird.

This is how it went....

As I wondered through Dillards, texting my oldest daughter to meet me in the Juniors Department in ten minutes, I received a call.  Normally my phone doesn't get good service in the mall and I don't answer, but I looked down at the number and thought maybe it was a mom that I have been waiting to hear from, so I answered.  I listened to the woman on the phone introduce herself, I didn't understand what she said due to her accent, but I did hear the part when she said Assistant Principal from the high school.  As I stood there, frozen like a statue in the Housewares Department, my heart nearly fell to floor and back.  She went on to tell me that my daughter was involved in an altercation and she wanted to let me know what happened based on the information she had gotten so far.  My mind was racing, ALTERCATION, then I experienced split second flashes of ALTERCATION scenarios, [fight - police - accident, caught for something], I settled my brain and let her talk and explain the situation. 
My daughter was the victim of another student who was overly jealous that her boyfriend talked to my daughter in art class.  The jealous student conjured up some thoughts that my daughter liked her boyfriend and apparently she wasn't going to have that.  She physically and verbally attacked my daughter in the hallway between classes and to top it off her twin sister joined in on the attack.  The scene was like that of something you would have seen on a reality show with two uncontrollable screaming girls two inches from their victim pushing and screaming like animals.  My daughter said she was scared but knew the ramifications of fighting back and didn't want to stoop to their level.  She was able to not let the fear show and walk away to get to her class and find a friend to tell what had just happened before the class started.  Her teacher was out in the hall talking to another teacher when the sister of the jealous girl came bursting in the classroom and stomped over to my daughter once again with her face red and bursting like an explosive volcano and began screaming and warning my daughter to stay away from the boyfriend my daughter could care less about.  Once again, my daughter had to pull her strength back, the thoughts raced in her head on how to protect herself, but somehow she restrained her thoughts and conducted herself in a lady-like manner.  Her teacher finally heard the commotion and ran over to them pulling the out-of-control sister out of the room and hauling her to the principal's office.   My daughter sat down in her chair with her heart pounding and thinking to herself what just happened.  She didn't know either of the girls, had never even spoken to either one of them and from a single moment of walking from one class to another an event such as the one that happened changed her day in a flash.

The principal told me she thought she had the situation under control but I needed to talk with my daughter and call her the next morning.  She explained that she believed my daughter was the victim of a bullying situation and they would get to the bottom of it.  I hung up with her feeling sick inside, the kind of sickness that envelopes your being to the core.  I worried and thought and worried some more.  As I found the exit to the store I dialed my daughter's number and no answer.  I called my oldest to see if she knew what went on at school, no answer.  I drove to the school and sat in my car waiting to my daughter's sport practice to end.  When she came out, just seeing her face calmed me, her smile made me feel better instantly.  The long ride back to the ranch was filled with the story of what happened.  I was so proud of her and how she conducted herself with the exception of a few words that came out of her mouth that I would have rather not heard.

The next morning I called the principal to set up a meeting, I didn't hear back for several hours and then I received a call back from her.  She told me she had met with the witnesses and confirmed who was in the wrong and explained that in all her years of administration and dealing with conflicts among students she had never met a child who conducted herself in such an exemplary  manner.  All three girls were talked to separately and then together, there's something to be said about bringing the bully in front of the victim.  Things seem to come out that otherwise might not have.  Maybe they have a bad home-life, or have had a rough upbringing or maybe it was an incredibly bad day that turned ugly.  We will never know.  The bottom line was the twins were sorry, especially the sister, and they realized what they did was beyond wrong and vicious and uncalled for.   If there is a next time with someone else they may not be so lucky to have the opportunity to shake hands and walk away.  The next time, if there is a next time, will result in a jail cell and a problematic future. I said a prayer for them and their future and thanked God for how it turned out.

The silver lining to my daughter's rough week was perfect in my eyes, she was announced Homecoming Attendant for her class.  Once again, I was proud of my daughter and her accomplishments.

I love my kids and I'm so thankful for them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side

Today or was it yesterday [I can't remember] Sophia and I decided we were going outside to explore.  We had a chicken coop to look at, kittens in the barn to check on, and a new alfalfa field to see.

We started on our journey outside and this is how it went....

We made it to the barn first which was top priority on our busy list of things to check on.  Sophia ran ahead of me to check on her very special barn kittens who love the attention they get from her.  She knows she has a very important job of checking on the food and water bowls.  She also feels it's important to name and rename the kittens nearly everyday.  She had all four named within minutes of looking at them starting with 'Princess' who was named 'Strawberry Shortcake' and 'Swirls' who was named 'Grey', and I can't remember the rest of the ever changing names, but I go along with it just to see the happy smile she has with each name she thinks up.

 After the name changing was over I watched the kittens one-by-one jump around and play, making my day by listening to the sound of my three year old's laughter.

 "Swirls" had fun playing with her cowgirl partner.

 When we were done at the barn we moved on down the road until we made it to Sophia's Enchanted Castle.  Her castle is a beautiful weeping willow tree which sets amongst a large wall of  boulders she climbs on.  All four kittens and all three dogs followed right along as if it were their castle too.  Before we knew it we had all of the kittens in the tree jumping from branch to branch and all the three dogs on the ground looking up just waiting for one of the kittens to drop. 

 Boy was Lucy the dog happy to have one of her fury little friends down at her level.  They can play for hours.

Somehow we never made it to see the chickens or the new alfalfa field, before we knew it, it was lunchtime!  
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