Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday On The Lake

 Our nephew had a birthday.

It was at a lake in our neck-of-the-woods.

I was happy.

This is how it went....

My cutie-pa-tootie nephew, Ty, has this really great mom who plans really cool birthday parties, and this was one was no exception.

The theme of the party was fishing, his mom had the table decked out in all things fishing and set for a fun day in the cool pines hanging out with family.

When the family finished fishing, [that's a lot of fff's], everyone headed down to the lake, this is when the guys decided to check out who could skip rocks the farthest.

Ty has a great throw, he's learned from the best...his dad.

This is my brother, my twin, the skipping king.

He taught his technique to his daughter, Natalie.

 She followed along...

Finally, she tries it on her own and skips it three times.

Then it was time to teach his oldest daughter, Audrey.  She rocked her skipping training too.

Once the kid-training was over it was time for him to test his skills.

 Six or seven skips across the lake proved his skills are worthy of the title we bestowed to him...Pro-Skipper.

This is my other brother, Shawn, and his family.  

He's a skipping king too.

We had a fun day celebrating Ty's birthday and hanging out together.

The End.


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