Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She Said Yes...

Who said yes? 

Yes to what?

She said Prom that is.

This is how it went....

The night before Prince Charming, I mean the boy, Reese, was planning on coming out to the ranch to ask our daughter, Hailey, to prom, he called first and asked her dad if it was ok to ask her to prom.

[Her dad said yes.]

We as parents were impressed.  What a relief to know there are still some parents out there teaching their boys to do things right!

This Prince had a some help from a little bird named Taylar who just happened to know Hailey very well.  It took some time, skill, and hours of planning to pull off his idea of a treasure hunt where she would find clues leading to his question...

Will you go to prom?
He started the hunt by placing a note on her truck after school that said, "Hurry Home Sweetness."  

He, his friends, and the little bird, hopped in his car and they headed out to the ranch.  When they arrived at our house he had her favorite "sweetness," Dove caramel filled chocolates, and laid the chocolates down the hall and into her room where he left the second clue.

The note said, "I'll be the KING but only if you're my Queen!"

The "King" was the next clue.  Our dog's name is King and he held the next clue.

 There he was sitting just like a King, he was the one who held the key to the next clue.

While the "Queen" was reading the next clue, the Prince and his friends hid from the her sight.

King ran to her delivering the next clue which read...
The word HAY (written in straw with a picture of a barn) next to the word and  just below was a very important question...

What are you doing on April 28th around 8:00pm?

She laughed and smiled and then ran to the ranger to find the next clue in the Hay barn. Little sis ran to keep up with the big kids.

Just after they were out of sight from the Prince and his friends, they came out of their hiding spot to prepare for the conclusion of the clues.

The Prince prepared the finale of the hunt with a flag asking her to Prom, which he proudly raised with the Queen's father.

The handmade flag said "Prom?"

He waited patiently as the Queen found the next clue in the Hay barn which read..."I'm sure your anxiousness is GROWING, but you are almost there!"

That clue led her to the Greenhouse where she found a single American flag, leading her to the final destination...the flag pole, where her Prince stood waiting.

She was excited to see him as she pulled up, she jumped out of the ranger and threw her arms around him thanking him.  She blurted out, YES!!!! I will go to prom with you!

They laughed and talked about the clues and how fun it was...and then they all came inside the house asking for food!


Great job Prince!


Shelly said...

Awesome! What a great guy and seems like his friends are a good bunch too!

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