Monday, April 2, 2012

Now That's A Snow Day! Part II

Half way through our day in the snow, the "big kids" woke up and joined our fun.  
Papa Ron brought Mike, our nephew, and his girlfriend, Katie, over to play in the snow. This was Katie's first time in the snow, so the day was extra special.

This is how it went....

Katie wasn't sporting her cute snow bunny outfit but Papa Ron found some warm cowboy Carhartt clothes, topping the outfit off with Mike's gloves to give her the complete sporty-cowgirl-look; she was ready for the snow! 

Mike was ready for the sled.

He moved up in rank, booting the teenagers off of the quad, he took over as driver. 

Ready for the pull.

Lucy's kept an eye on things.

Katie's turn to show her quading skills.

Jack and Lucy wanted to get pulled around too.

Mike attempted to snowboard on a sled but things didn't go as planned.

Mike pulled out Vic's snowboard, dusted off the cobwebs, and cinched his Nike's into the bindings.  Megan yelled back to him, "ready," then took off whipping him up and down the front yard!

I'd say he was pretty successful at snowboarding in the snow and on the grass with our make-shift ski equipment.

Katie and Soph played catch-the-snowball until they decided making a snowman would be more fun.

Mike kicked off the new Frosty by starting the first ball and rolling until it was life-size!

Sophie was so excited to have found Frosty's arms!

Katie topped him off with a button nose!

So much fun in the snow with family and friends.


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