Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Oh the joys of Easter...

Egg Coloring.

Buying Easter basket goodies.

Going to church with family.

Followed up with a family Easter party.

This is how it went...

 Our three little chick-ees in a basket.  

Sophia colored eggs with her big sister, the one who didn't want her picture taken, so in 5 years when we look back, we will say awww Sophia was all by herself.

Big sister did allow a hand to get photographed, so I went crazy with it and took several.  She was teasing Lucy with the scent of a freshly colored Easter egg. It really wasn't fair to allow a dog to smell such deliciousness and then say, "No," but it was so cute watching her smell and then try to nibble the egg.  It was a good laugh. 

Just before church, Sophia noticed three Easter baskets filled with goodies, asking with a squeel, "is this for me....and my sisters?" Excitement oozed from her!

After a lot of great food and seeing family we decided to gather around for a family picture, what a great looking family!

Hope your Easter was filled with celebration, good food, family and friends!


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