Wednesday, April 25, 2012


J + K = Love
Then comes marriage.

This has to be the cutest couple ever!

Great personalities, sweet, kind, and considerate all blended together gives you two outstanding people who asked me to capture who they are as a couple with an engagement photo session.

I was honored.

This is how it went....

Our session started out beautifully, but with a bit of wind that whipped around the bride-to-be's hair, causing us to take cover under the protection of the old barn.

This is a great image showing the two love-birds.  They are smitten with each other, always smiling, it's so refreshing to see young love.

Hooray ~ We're tying the knot!

We moved on to "The Yellow Chair" that everyone loves to take pictures in.  Our family loves this chair because it was Vic's grandparents.  Nana and Bumpa, as we called them, were the role models of a successful marriage and countless other things.  The chair is sentimental to us, but I like to think it brings good will to those who sit in it.

"Trust Me"

This one reminds me of the cover of a romance novel.  I wish I could have shown you all 500+ images that I took that day because it was truly magical.  

J+K are magical together, I hope these pictures remind you of how wonderful love and marriage is or can be.  Life is so short, live each day as if it were your last.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She Said Yes...

Who said yes? 

Yes to what?

She said Prom that is.

This is how it went....

The night before Prince Charming, I mean the boy, Reese, was planning on coming out to the ranch to ask our daughter, Hailey, to prom, he called first and asked her dad if it was ok to ask her to prom.

[Her dad said yes.]

We as parents were impressed.  What a relief to know there are still some parents out there teaching their boys to do things right!

This Prince had a some help from a little bird named Taylar who just happened to know Hailey very well.  It took some time, skill, and hours of planning to pull off his idea of a treasure hunt where she would find clues leading to his question...

Will you go to prom?
He started the hunt by placing a note on her truck after school that said, "Hurry Home Sweetness."  

He, his friends, and the little bird, hopped in his car and they headed out to the ranch.  When they arrived at our house he had her favorite "sweetness," Dove caramel filled chocolates, and laid the chocolates down the hall and into her room where he left the second clue.

The note said, "I'll be the KING but only if you're my Queen!"

The "King" was the next clue.  Our dog's name is King and he held the next clue.

 There he was sitting just like a King, he was the one who held the key to the next clue.

While the "Queen" was reading the next clue, the Prince and his friends hid from the her sight.

King ran to her delivering the next clue which read...
The word HAY (written in straw with a picture of a barn) next to the word and  just below was a very important question...

What are you doing on April 28th around 8:00pm?

She laughed and smiled and then ran to the ranger to find the next clue in the Hay barn. Little sis ran to keep up with the big kids.

Just after they were out of sight from the Prince and his friends, they came out of their hiding spot to prepare for the conclusion of the clues.

The Prince prepared the finale of the hunt with a flag asking her to Prom, which he proudly raised with the Queen's father.

The handmade flag said "Prom?"

He waited patiently as the Queen found the next clue in the Hay barn which read..."I'm sure your anxiousness is GROWING, but you are almost there!"

That clue led her to the Greenhouse where she found a single American flag, leading her to the final destination...the flag pole, where her Prince stood waiting.

She was excited to see him as she pulled up, she jumped out of the ranger and threw her arms around him thanking him.  She blurted out, YES!!!! I will go to prom with you!

They laughed and talked about the clues and how fun it was...and then they all came inside the house asking for food!


Great job Prince!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Head Gear

Gearing up for a day of roping.

This gal is ready for her day, she is so sweet.

Over and Out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Oh the joys of Easter...

Egg Coloring.

Buying Easter basket goodies.

Going to church with family.

Followed up with a family Easter party.

This is how it went...

 Our three little chick-ees in a basket.  

Sophia colored eggs with her big sister, the one who didn't want her picture taken, so in 5 years when we look back, we will say awww Sophia was all by herself.

Big sister did allow a hand to get photographed, so I went crazy with it and took several.  She was teasing Lucy with the scent of a freshly colored Easter egg. It really wasn't fair to allow a dog to smell such deliciousness and then say, "No," but it was so cute watching her smell and then try to nibble the egg.  It was a good laugh. 

Just before church, Sophia noticed three Easter baskets filled with goodies, asking with a squeel, "is this for me....and my sisters?" Excitement oozed from her!

After a lot of great food and seeing family we decided to gather around for a family picture, what a great looking family!

Hope your Easter was filled with celebration, good food, family and friends!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Now That's A Snow Day! Part II

Half way through our day in the snow, the "big kids" woke up and joined our fun.  
Papa Ron brought Mike, our nephew, and his girlfriend, Katie, over to play in the snow. This was Katie's first time in the snow, so the day was extra special.

This is how it went....

Katie wasn't sporting her cute snow bunny outfit but Papa Ron found some warm cowboy Carhartt clothes, topping the outfit off with Mike's gloves to give her the complete sporty-cowgirl-look; she was ready for the snow! 

Mike was ready for the sled.

He moved up in rank, booting the teenagers off of the quad, he took over as driver. 

Ready for the pull.

Lucy's kept an eye on things.

Katie's turn to show her quading skills.

Jack and Lucy wanted to get pulled around too.

Mike attempted to snowboard on a sled but things didn't go as planned.

Mike pulled out Vic's snowboard, dusted off the cobwebs, and cinched his Nike's into the bindings.  Megan yelled back to him, "ready," then took off whipping him up and down the front yard!

I'd say he was pretty successful at snowboarding in the snow and on the grass with our make-shift ski equipment.

Katie and Soph played catch-the-snowball until they decided making a snowman would be more fun.

Mike kicked off the new Frosty by starting the first ball and rolling until it was life-size!

Sophie was so excited to have found Frosty's arms!

Katie topped him off with a button nose!

So much fun in the snow with family and friends.
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