Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sore Feet

Sheba and Suzi, mom and daughter, are two older miniature horses we have on the ranch.  They are pretty much spoiled, enjoying a lavish life filled with free range grazing, sauntering around the ranch without a care in the world, and even a creek to play in when the weather is warm.  All play and no work for these two lucky girls.  

As luck would have it the girls turned up walking funny a while back, sort of like they had arthritis or something bothering their legs or feet.  We checked them for burrs and stickers in their coats and checked their hooves and couldn't find anything.  As the days passed their walking became worse; we scheduled a visit with the horse doc to find out what was going on.

After a visit from the horse doc, we learned the miniatures had "hot foot".

This is how it went....

After the visit with the horse doc, we discovered our little horses were being fed too much and the food they were eating, natural grasses and bremuda, was too rich them causing them problems in their feet

Poor girls won't be able to have free range all day long anymore and they have to go on a strict diet because they are a bit overweight.  They will still get a lot of love and attention so maybe that will make up for it.

This is Sheba, she is the mother of the Suzi, the mini standing next to her.  They were having their breakfast just before the horse doc came for a visit.

The two mini's are so good with children.  It was fun to watch how my three year old interacted with them today.

Sophia and Sheba in deep conversation and a bit of laughter. 

Let hope the mini's feet get better!


Heather said...

Oh my, I see the making of a children's book; "Sophia, Sheba, and Suzi". Sweet sweet sweet photos :)

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