Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Party 2012

Starting off the New Year with good friends, food and music, we rang in 2012 at our friend's, JJ and Kelsey's annual new years party.

This is how it went....

We knew we were in for a surprise when we arrived and saw that their driveway had been transformed into an entrance fit for the stars! The once garage was transformed into a hip lounge draped with white shimmery fabric and back-lit with red lighting. The seating was ultra cool with modern white couches topped off with glowing tables and adorned with giant lit martini glasses.  

The sight was spectacular!

 Night shots ~ no flash....

The girls did most of the dancing (especially Kelsey's sisters) keeping the party going.  

 Sandy was getting her groove on ~ loved her jacket!

 I think these two were planning out their New Year's Resolutions.

 Gabe kept an eye on the dance floor but I never saw him kicking up his heels out there.

 Courtney rocked the house all night!

 Cari rocked it too!

Love those heels!

 Vic and Lisa taking a breather from the dance floor.

 Vic and JJ

 Mr. Incredible had a birthday and we all celebrated ~ [smile].

 Craig was looking cool on those white couches!

 Mr. Happy popped in for a picture!

 Beautiful Megan and her husband Billy. and my cute cowboy.

 Megan and Brian

Kevin is ready for the count down.

 Loved the Photo Booth! We had some fun in there ~ great idea Kelsey.

Getting ready for the count down!

 Wow Kelsey, I'm lovin those eyes, was JJ behind me?  Gorgeous girls!

At the end of the night the awesome couches REALLY came in handy!  Nighty-night Craig.

We had so much fun and look forward to a great new year with friends and family!

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