Saturday, December 3, 2011

That Darn Turkey

What, no turkey on Thanksgiving?

This year our turkey wasn't done when we thought it was done and everything else was done!

I was done with the darn turkey!

This is how it went....

First, I have to point out that I have the absolute worst lighting in my kitchen and these pictures are terrible quality, they make me cringe when I look at them, but in the spirit of keeping things real, I'm posting them anyway! 

Here's our darn under cooked turkey! How did that happen you ask?  Well we lowered the temperature a bit and cooked it longer than usual and used the meat thermometer!  Everything checked out just perfect, but when we started to cut into it, it clearly wasn't done.  Uggg.

Meanwhile the stress of the situation crept into me like a festering fire.  We had 23 hungry people who smelled the delicious stuffing, gravy and pies wafting through the house.

The cooking began early in the morning and seemed to never end throughout the day.  We had a lot of cooks in the kitchen but everyone had their own method to the madness.

We had the serving dishes ready for the food in our make-shift assembly line.

We had the kitchen table set for the kids and adults that didn't fit in the dining room.

Here's the dining room ready for turkey filled plates.

 So what did we do with the uncooked turkey situation?  The night before Thanksgiving we had made an extra turkey to have the meat for sandwiches.  We popped that meat in the oven to warm it up and saved the face with the guests. 

Lucky save!  

Everyone was happy and all worked out just fine!

We had a great dinner and the best part was afterwards, my cousin Jennifer and her friend did most of the dishes!

Poor Jennifer was worked to the bone!


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