Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snowboarding In Utah

Day two of our trip to Utah was as perfect as a cold-snowy-hot-chocolaty day could be.  

We woke up excited for the day to unleash its schedule of events beginning with a wide-eyed look out the windows of our hotel room to see the sight of beautiful pine trees topped with sparkly snow. We quickly dressed like abominable snowmen and waddled over to the Navajo Ski Lodge to get the kids enrolled in snowboard lessons.

This is how it went....

 We got the girls enrolled and fitted for boots, bindings, and boards then settled at our meeting place.  Their nervousness began to creep in, worrying whether they would be able to snowboard by the end of the day was at the top of their conversation.  I reminded them to enjoy the opportunity they had been given and just have fun.

 Meanwhile, a certain three year old was having a blast exploring the snow.

 She wanted her gloves off so that she could feel the snow but the temperature outside didn't allow for that.

Our little family. [smile]

 Vic, who knows no stranger, made sure to talk to all of the ski instructors to get their life's history and to make sure his girls would be well taken care of.

 Finally, they met their instructor for the day and off they went.

After the girls left for their lessons, Vic and I stayed outside to teach Sophie how to make snow-angels, until the warmth and relaxation the ski lodge called our names.

 Hailey was able to get up on her board and not fall, pretty great accomplishment!

 Megan looks like a pro-boarder already!

 Until she got a little twisted! [smile]

 After an hour of lessons they were ready to head to the lift and up the hill! 

 Megan was first, she wouldn't look at me for fear that she would be knocked over by the chair lift, but she did a great job anyway.

 Hang on!

 "Hi Mom....these lifts don't get stuck do they?"

"NOOooo Never!" I said, hoping the look on my face didn't give it away.

Another flawless moment.  How did they get so good at the chairlift that they weren't tangled, tripped, or dropped under the chair like I was when I first learned?

 I didn't get a look or a response from Hailey as I cheered her on from below; she was holding on for dear life she later told me.

Off they went on their new adventure! 

This day was a beautiful birthday for me.  I was undoubtedly grateful for having the opportunity to take our family on a vacation, but thrilled to watch our oldest girls learn a new sport and our youngest play in the snow.  We ended our day with a dinner together and a night of karaoke singing which filled me with smiles and appreciation for our blessings.


Nicole said...

Beautiful...Simply beautiful.

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