Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Road Trip To Utah

This holiday season has been quite busy for our family, between trips to town, wrapping up year end details with our business, Christmas preparations, and the kid's club volleyball season back in full swing, we felt like there wasn't a day where we could sit in idle mode and enjoy a moment of quiet time.  Vic and I thought it would be fun to temporarily escape from our lives filled with 100's of responsibilities and plan a trip with our kids and go somewhere we have never been before.

We didn't exactly throw a dart at the map and pick the place it landed on, we had a little more thought involved than that.  We wanted to take the kids to the snow and it had to be within a reasonable driving distance for our three year old.

 This is how it went....

Taking the picture taken through the windshield, our first sign of snow was near Page, Arizona, this was a welcome change of scenery after being in the truck for 4 hours. 

I kept Vic awake and intrigued throughout our 7 1/2 hour journey by reading aloud a great new book by author, Chris Camillo, called Laughing at Wall Street.  The book reveals many myths about the investing industry, specifically hidden fees from mutual funds and 401K's, and how to pick stocks based on what's going on around us rather than what the Wall Street analysts tell us. 

After 6 hours of driving, we all were sick of being couped up in the truck, so we resorted to finding new things to do like seeing if we could put our feet behind our head, [not me] and dancing in our seats to fun songs like "I don't want this night to end" by country singer, Luke Bryan....You got your hands up- You're rocking in my truck- You got the radio on- You're singing every song- I'm set on cruise control......lalala la.  [Whatever works right?]

Finally, we were there, to the Grand Lodge in Brianhead, Utah! Even though it was only 8 degrees outside and it was way past Sophi's bedtime, she happily stood in a "frozen" state looking around at the beautiful Christmas decorations in the resort lobby and said, "is Santa coming here too mommy?"

 While Vic and the girls braved the cold to unload the truck, Sophie and I stood by the cozy warm fire waiting for them to bring in our bags and head for our room.

The room was actually a suite, we were pleasantly surprised at the amenities and our King bedroom had more than plenty of room for Sophia's Pack-N-Play crib.  The room was so nice that I decided to take pictures on my phone and send them to my sister-in-law, Lisa, showing her what her and her family was missing out on!  [They couldn't come with us.]

I know it's kind of weird to be taking a picture of the bathroom but it was really pretty and worthy of remembrance!

This would be the kitchen that we would be using for the next couple of days.

This was the living room with a pull-out couch that our girls would call home.  Not too shabby having a fire place and flat screen TV for two teenagers to enjoy after a hard day on the slopes! [smile]

With all of the driving we did, we were all tired, but not too tired to head upstairs to the family area they had in the hotel where guests were singing karaoke.  Of coarse our girls had to join in the fun too.  Sophia saw a few little kids singing Jingle Bells so she pulled her sisters up to the stage to do the same!

The next morning, we planned for the big kids to head to the slopes for snowboard lessons, and we would stay back enjoying the warm ski lodge and watching Sophia make snow angels.


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