Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lazy Bulls

It was one of those lazy days on the ranch today...
for the bulls that is.

This is how it went....

Red-Bull was napping when Sophia and I approached him.   He didn't give us the time of day.  I whistled, called, and hit the fence with my hand to get his attention, but he knew it was us and decided to give us the cold shoulder for a few more minutes of sleep.  

How dare he!

 The trick to get any cow or bull to wake up and pay attention is to let them hear the sound of fresh grass being pulled out of the ground. 

So that's what we did to get Red-Bull to wake up and give us a moment of his time!

Junior was laying close by and seemed to be on the same path to sleepy time as his buddy Red-Bull.  He didn't seem to care too much that we came to say hi and feed him some grass either!

Spoiled and Lazy!
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