Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lady Bug Cookies

I mentioned the other day that my sister made cookies for our three year old's 3rd birthday.

I also mentioned that the cookies were so adorable that they deserved their own post.  

So here we go!

 These are the fabulous Lady Bug, Flower and Leaf cookies that my sister, Heather, made for Sophie's special birthday party.  With only one day's notice she had these made and ready to share!

Heather brought the cookies in this mason jar topped with the perfect red polka-dot fabric, which just so happened to match the balloons we had at the party.


I love the little 3's she made just for Sophie.

 She went above and beyond making these cute flowers and leaves to go with the lady bugs!

Thanks goes to my sis for making Sophie's day even more special!


To see more of Heather's magical cookie creations check out her blog!

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