Friday, November 4, 2011

Harvesting Pistachios

I never knew how pistachio's were harvested.
I never knew pistachio's grew on a tree for that matter!
They could have grown on a bush for all I knew!

I learned something new.

This is how it went....

 While traveling out on the back roads to go visit a friend we discovered our friend has a pistachio farm on his land!

Who knew, not me! 

Remember I'm the one who didn't know pistachio's grew on trees!


 The trees and nuts are really beautiful.  

When the nuts begin to ripen they turn a crimson color and begin to open their outer protective layer where the nut is protected inside the hard shell.

 I think I was most surprised at how beautiful the clusters of nuts are when they are ripe.

Once the nuts are removed from the protective layer, they can be roasted and spiced like the ones in the above picture.  

I didn't get to taste the spiced version because they weren't ready, but I did eat the freshly roasted and lightly salted pistachios that were made right out on the farm, and I can say I have never had a better tasting pistachio.  They had such a fresh roasted flavor as compared to the commercially roasted versions we all buy from the grocery stores.

I'm hoping to go back for another visit very soon and this time I will stock up on the little treasures I haven't stopped thinking about since we left the farm!

That's it in a nutshell!
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