Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Candles and a Lady Bug

I can officially say that we have made it through another month in which we have had so much to do, I don't know how it all got done!  We had an anniversary, all three kid's birthdays, volleyball matches, football games, pre-football game party, 5 trips out of town and if there was something else, I already forgot.

Yesterday we celebrated our sweet baby's birthday.  
She's not a baby anymore, she's 3!

This is how it went....

 I hate to admit, but we only planned her birthday the day before simply because I was worn out from a month of activities, I thought pushing her birthday to the next weekend would would somehow give me a chance to recoup.  But when I saw her dancing around and singing about her birthday, the guilt got to me.  She wanted a Lady-Bug birthday and we wanted to take her to Build-A-Bear for the first time.  We gathered 20 family and friends and made it a day she will remember.

 Our nephew Joseph came to Build-A-Bear with us so that they could pick out a special 'bear' and stuff them together.  Sophie knew the second she saw the pink Hello Kitty that was the one she wanted. 

 Joseph couldn't make up his mind if he wanted Snoopy or a bear.

They went on to the stuffing machine and filled up their animals.

Joseph loved all of the buttons and the machine that blows the stuffing.

 They each made special wishes and placed a heart inside the bear.

 Sophia helped with Joseph's bear.

 Sophia loves her Hello Kitty, I'm wishing our two older girls were here with us, but somehow when we walked through the store, Forever 21, they got lost!  They missed the whole Build-A-Bear experience! 

What else to expect with teenagers?

 Then is was time to wash and comb the bears to get all of the fuzzy stuff off.

Sophia loved the washing station. 

 The last step of the process was to name their bears and create the birth certificate.  

Joseph was tired and ready to go, but they had a lot of fun.

 We took the kids to the play-place to run around before our lady-bug lunch.

 We had Nathan, Sophia's friend, join us too!

When the kids were worn out we headed over to the restaurant for lunch.

Oh I can't believe my baby is already 3! [Wha, sigh, Wha!!!]

Sophia had a great birthday, she loved her lady-bugs and especially the lady bug cookies her Aunt Heather made just for her.  They were so beautiful they deserve their own post!
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