Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Protecting the Alfalfa

I never knew Alfalfa needed protection, but then again there's a lot I don't know about alfalfa.  

I guess we need to get to know each other better.

Vic and the cowboys built a steel pole fence, aka pipe-fencing around the perimeter of the new alfalfa field. 

This is how it went....

The alfalfa field that I have been updating you on this past month is doing really great.  There have been a few areas that have had to be reseeded but it is coming up really nicely now.  We are almost to 4 week mark since we seeded.

 The field is partially secured by this type of barbwire fencing which would be just fine if we didn't have hungry cows that can sniff out the fresh green alfalfa, mow the fence down, and chomp away.  The problem lies with the fact that cows cannot eat green alfalfa, if they do...it's curtains for them!

Why you ask?

When a cow eats green alfalfa, they bloat.  You know how uncomfortable we are when we humans complain of a bloated stomach, when a cow bloats, gases are trapped in the stomach (rumen), and cannot be released by burping like people can.  When the stomach distends, it puts pressure on the cow's lungs and it causes the cow to die from lack of oxygen. 

Not good.

Hence, the fence!

The cowboys set up shop out in the field to prepare the land for the pipe fence.

The pipe was cut to size.

The holes were dug and the pipes were set.

Most of the pipe fit the lengths they planned for, but when it didn't they welded until it was right.

In a few more days the whole field will be fenced protecting the alfalfa from getting eaten and trampled, and protecting the cows from a certain death.

The End...for now.

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