Sunday, October 9, 2011

King Has Plaque Attack

Oh King-o why didn't those dental bones keep your teeth nice and white like the package promised?

The Vet said your teeth were quite dirty!  

(Which is probably why your breath smells like pond water.)

You need an ultra sonic cleaning and fluoride treatment!

"Oh me o' my, where am I going now?"

"I don't like going in the truck!"

"I'm a ranch dog and I like Rangers, where I can ride carefree with my ears flapping in the wind."

"Going to town is no fun for me."

That adorable look on your face WILL NOT get you out of getting your teeth cleaned!

Dirty teeth, pond breath, short legs, and a squady body aren't pure bred show dog qualities but you're loved anyways!

Off to town you go!

King made it through his teeth cleaning like a champ!

He also made it through another removal of a fox tail (weed) in his ear!

He was "babied" for two days after his cleaning.  He got to come in the house, alone, no other dogs to share with, and dine on canned food!

Lucky Boy!

Say Cheese!

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