Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

When life flies by too fast, and you forget that you need to bring a dessert to your Bunco get-together, look in your pantry for a few simple ingredients and make these tasty chocolate dipped marshmallows.

 Your friends will never know how disorganized you are!
Okay I admit it, it's me who's disorganized!

I got it together and made these for Bunco-Night with the girls!

This is how it went....

I've made SmorePops before, but I needed to bring a dessert to Bunco-Night with an elegant touch, yet quick and simple.

These little 'GEMS' did the trick!

Luckily for me, Ghirardelli chocolate saved the day.  

{I could have also used semi-sweet chocolate chips, but I didn't have any!}

I used white chocolate.

I also used dark chocolate.

Perfect for 12 woman playing Bunco, someone always "needs" dark chocolate!

I started with 14 marshmallows and wooden picks that I had on hand.

Dipping each marshmallow into the melted chocolate and finishing with an extra dip into toasted coconut, chopped nuts, crushed graham crackers, crushed Oreos, and decorative candy, made the little treats look like a work of art!

This one is a trifecta; my personal white chocolate favorite!

The first topping is toasted coconut, then chopped nuts and finished with crushed graham crackers. 


Once the marshmallow is coated with chocolate and the toppings, set on wax paper, and place in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes until ready to serve.

If you like coconut and white chocolate, this one is 'to die for!'

 These look a little frumpy, but that's how it goes in the marshmallow world!

I learned through making these, to let the chocolate cool a bit before placing the decorative candies on to avoid the candies from sliding, like they did in the picture above.

If you want to be a hit at your next party or get-together, make chocolate dipped marshmallows, they're quick and easy and tasty too! 

If you want more marshmallow ideas, go to one of my favorite blogs by Amy Locurto at LivingLocurto.com, where she shows how to make Lego Marshmallow Heads, and really cute printables to go along with all of her treat ideas.

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