Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

If you have been wondering where I have been...

I'm back in the saddle!

I was away from my computer and most of the social media world for two weeks, driving hours to the hospital where my grandmother was fighting for life.

Ultimately, she passed on.

I knew her like a book because our lives were so intertwined, but through the preparations for the funeral, and stories from family and friends, I learned so much more about her than I already knew.
I learned that she left this world leaving a legacy not just to me but to everyone she touched.

I already knew that she was kind and loving but above all she was a Giver.  She gave her smile, hugs, and kisses freely to everyone.  She gave her time through endless volunteering, she worked for the causes she belonged to, she helped her elderly friends by taking them week after week to the grocery store and appointments because they couldn't drive anymore.  She helped in her church and took such care and pride in being the one chosen to prepare the bread for communion and have it to the church before each Sunday. She made food for her friends and family when in need or to show her love. Above all she was the core of the family, the messenger, the contact person, the rock. 

I learned that she was special to everyone, not just me.

She left a legacy for all of her family to follow by remembering what a giver she was and how much she enjoyed the life we have all been given; we all need to give more and love more and be more thankful for what we have been given.

I think she has left an impression on everyone she touched to:


My hopes with this post is to remind you of the simple words above and apply them to your life and the lives you touch.

Tomorrow I will share with you some special moments I was fortunate enough to be part of, and that was making her famous lemon meringue pies with my aunts and cousins.


kkp1220 said...

Sorry for your loss, DeEtte:-(. It's never easy:-(. Hugs!!

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