Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day of Work

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of performing one of my least favorite chores, the kind I usually don't get too excited about, but I couldn't procrastinate any longer.

At the top of the list of To Do's for the day was....
cleaning the chicken coop. 

Yuk, but there are goods' and bads' to every situation.

This is how it went....

 First thing to do when cleaning a chicken coop is to remove the glorious eggs.
This is the part of chickens I like, the rest if for the birds!

I parked the Ranger right next to the coop where I was working and "set-up" Sophie in the back of the Ranger with her trusty friend King.  Sophie put her work gloves on (pink mittens) I and got busy pulling out the old dirty straw.

At some point in time, the chickens decided to come out of the pen one by one, this is when the fun began.  Lucy, our new puppy, hadn't met a chicken yet, at least face-to-face anyway.  She turned into a wild-animal and in a frienzy like state she began chasing after the chickens! 

I think she was saying, "oh, I want this one, no, I want this one, no, I'm gonna get this one!" 

She was running in every which direction, the chickens were screaming and jumping and flapping, searching for cover from the wild-animal.  I began screaming for Lucy telling her "No!" and to "Come Here!" and what do you know, she did.  I was shocked with the fact that she is only a puppy and she listened. 

 She promptly put herself in Time-Out under the Ranger and panted away. Again I was surprised, she never moved from under the Ranger until I called for her.

 King (the black dog) finally came out of the back of the Ranger and joined in the cleaning project, but that only lasted for 5 minutes, he's a typical teenager; either tired or hungry and 'work' is out of the question!

 He's even learned how to sleep standing!

 We finally finished our job and cleaned up, Lucy took at turn sleeping too.  Rough day for the dogs!

The rewards of putting in a day of hard work is an ice cold Popsicle!  Sophie deserved it, she survived a red-ant attack and stinky dirty straw flying in her face!

To reward the dogs for their hard work, we drove them over to the pond for a bit of fun, only King and Lucy enjoyed the swim, Jack has 'issues' with water, so he hid in the Ranger.

The End.


cari said...

Such great pics DeEtte...I need to meet Lucy still!!! Which means I need to come up there....which means I need to lay on the front patio on my favorite couch!! :=)

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