Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arizona Best Fest

Did you know that Arizona is turning 100 years old?

We had the unexpected fortune to go out and enjoy the festivities in downtown Prescott to celebrate the Arizona State Centennial.  We were fortunate because all to often, we are too busy with our schedules, to attend many of the happenings in our city's downtown square.

Not this past weekend!

This is how it went....

At the entrance of the event, Vic and Soph patiently waited as I attempted to take a couple of pictures, but that was after....

  1. I forgot the battery to my camera and Vic had to run 2 blocks to the car.
  2. Then after he brought the battery back, we talked for a moment, I got back into photo-taking-position and realized I never got the battery from him.
  3. Laughing at myself by this point, I put the battery in, and I forgot to take the lens cap off.
  4. Maybe it wasn't meant to be that I took this picture, but I did anyway.

This event is the first in a series of festivals that is celebrating Arizona recognizing it's cultural diversity throughout the last 100 years.

The entire event was free of charge, there were no entrance fees, parking fees, ride tickets or concert tickets.  Most of the sponsors gave out free merchandise.  People were especially excited about the bread company who handed out free packs of hamburger buns, our local dairy company who handed out free ice cream and chocolate milk, and our local electric company who handed out free light bulbs!

You may have noticed Vic wore a UCLA Football T-shirt, this proved to be a problem to a few die-hard Arizona fans.  They made a few comments but Vic explained that he wore the shirt because its the team our nephew coaches for and he had a game over the weekend. Gotta support our family.

One of the benefits of having a festival in a small town is that when you let your kids walk around and explore by themselves, you run into them often, as I did in this picture.  I was taking pictures of some cute kids eating ice cream when I saw through the lens, a familiar face, and she belonged to me! My beautiful middle child and her friend.

Gotcha, my oldest daughter and her friend scoping out the festival.

The festival was broken up into many sections depicting the diversity of Arizona.  Within the sections were pavilions filled with information booths on Arizona's history, science & future, natural resources, renewable energy, and military. There were concerts playing throughout the day, fireworks in four areas, and so much more.

We came upon the Hispanic Village first where they showcased some of the music, foods and cultural history.

The young girls wearing authentic Hispanic dresses were so beautiful on their horses.

Off we went to explore Western Town.

The old town set up, was reminiscent of Prescott's downtown a 100 years ago.

The woman in the western town were dressed in Victorian clothes and held a fashion show to display the beautiful hats and dresses woman once wore.  I don't think they all dressed like this lady, but if they did, I'm sure the gents would have loved it.

We moved on to the Military Pavilion where Vic was quite a happy camper seeing all of the old military equipment.

This gentleman was dressed to impress!

We spent quite a bit of time in this area where Vic examined every inch of the military trucks and helicopter on display.

This girl tested her strength at the military booth. She did better than most of the guys!

Finally we made it to the Family Fun Zone where a two year old can really be herself.  Overwhelmed at all to do and look at, she focused her sights on the jumpers, and that's where we stayed for a long time.

She had her daddy wrapped around her little finger and had him convinced he needed to go into the jumpers with her, so he did.

Going up the stairs, to the top of the slide, she had to look back often to take away the fear of the unknown.  Slides are high after all.  Daddy was right there with her.

Down they came, the fright was gone, replaced with funny excitement-filled faces!

We finally pulled away from the jumpers to watch the Zip-Line and found our friend's daughter going down.  I kept my feet firmly on the ground!

She had a blast!

We ended day one of our visit to the 100 year celebration with a quick aerial show.  Then the kids got ready for the Jordan Sparks concert playing in the middle of the festival.

The event planners did a great job with the celebration, it was well organized and a lot of fun for everyone.  

Day two was even better!


Heather said...

I love-love-lufff Soapy's face as she is comin' down the slide! Great shot!!!

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