Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great Hat Debate

This morning Soph came running down the hall, through the kitchen, and down to the master bedroom looking for her daddy.  She had caught a glimpse of him with his cowboy hat on, which means to our two year old, that dad's going outside on a ride.  A Ranger ride that is, and she didn't want to miss out.

"Daddyyyy me go with you!" she squealed with excitement.

"Okay sweetie, maybe you need to find Mommy to help you change out of your pajamas." he told her.

"No Daddy me ready....oh, me get mine hat." she told him.  Then she ran off like a little flash of lightning, running to her bedroom to grab her cowboy hat off of her rocking horse.

She quickly figured out how to put it on and took off running out of her room to find her daddy.  Her hat kept falling off, over and over again, causing her a great deal of frustration that quickly turned into a problem.  She wanted to match her daddy but the hat just wouldn't stay on! 

Vic picked her up, and carried her outside, while reassuring rather than reasoning with her.  

She looked at her daddy with a pouty bottom lip and said, "me don't want to match you anymore Daddy, mine hat not good."

I watched to two of them drive off, she still had a pout, but I knew when they returned, she would be her happy self.

Hard to imagine that a cowboy hat could cause such an upset.


Heather said...

Poor girlie, you can't go out and "cowboy" without the hat. I see an adjustable strap in her near future ;)

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