Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Finds

Vic usually takes Sophia, our 2 1/2 year old, with him early in the morning to check on things around the ranch and get the cowboys working on what they need to work on.  Today he wanted me to go along.  I like staying back so that I can hear myself think, wake-up, drink my coffee, peacefully clean up the morning breakfast dishes and get on my computer without hearing, 

"mommy I want...."
"mommy I need...."
"mommy why...."
The look in he gave me made me cave, so I put all of things I like to do aside, and said to myself...

"self, there's always tomorrow"

I got out of my comfy cozy pj's and into something more appropriate for a Ranger ride.  Waving goodbye to my kitchen, computer and alone time, I headed for the back door to make Vic happy.

This is how it went....

First order of business was to check on the bridge.  Bridges don't usually need checking on, but it's a project Vic helped build and he likes to keep a close eye on it to make sure the bolts are tight and whatever else a guy does to make sure a bridge is good.

While he performed his check-up, Sophia and I came upon a really cool piece of wood in the middle of the creek.  It looked like driftwood that you might find washed up on a beach.  I was noticing that it had some creek plants growing on it which looked kind of cool and I was thinking it would be great for an artsy type of sign.   

Vic did find a bold that needed tightening but I distracted him with this piece of wood that I thought was so cool.

Unfortunately for him, I came along on this ride, if I wouldn't have, he wouldn't have had to take his shirt, shoes, and socks off to get this piece of wood out of the middle of the creek for me! 

I do stuff like that to him all of the time, he should be used to it. 

He finally got the piece pulled from the mud and water and stood it straight up for me to look at.  It was beautiful, to me of coarse.

The wood was about 9 feet long and water logged.  It looked perfect to carve into, if I could carve, or to attach metal letters for a sign, if I could do that too, but I can't.

Maybe I should learn?

So in the wood went, right in the back of the Ranger. 

He knows I'm crazy.

Lucy stood by his side watching the mud slinging and water splashing as he loaded up the wood.

My new piece of wood will be something someday, I will show you when it happens.

I promise.

In the meantime, it will be drying out and the creek will be much happier that it's water can flow a little bit faster.

Just another day on the ranch.


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