Thursday, August 25, 2011

Face Off

Vic threw his cowboy hat on, picked up the baby, and told me to come with him to take a look at things he's doing around the ranch.  He took me down to one of our fields that he has been working on for a few weeks now.  

This is how it went....

Driving through the field, he stopped for a moment to answer my questions, when all of the sudden the three dogs jumped out of the Ranger and ran barking at something moving on the ground.

That's when I saw a snake, coiled, and head risen about 3 feet from Lucy, our puppy, who hasn't learned about snakes yet.  I completely freaked out screaming for the dogs to get back, but of coarse Lucy had no idea what I was saying, and the two older dogs were fixated.  It was like a face-off; who would make the next move.

When you live in Arizona and see a snake, you think of Rattlesnakes, which will attack when provoked and are very deadly.  My mind was racing with thoughts of the snake striking as I ran toward my dogs to pull them back.  That's when my cool as a cucumber husband said, "it's okay there's NO RATTLE", of course that didn't register in my head until I had Lucy's collar in my hand and I was able to pull her back from the snake's face.

"It's a GOOD snake!" "Let's leave it alone and let it do it's thing."  Vic said.

That's exactly what I wanted to hear, no rattle and good snake!  I calmed down, got the dogs back in the Ranger, and stood there to watch it for a moment when I noticed something was wrong with it.

Part of its mid-section was cut and it was hurt. 

Now I'm not really a snake lover, but...I don't like when any animal, reptile, or mammal is hurt or suffering.  

The snake must have been hit by the rippers on the tractor.  The field he called home is now in the process of being turned and churned; he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I left him alone and watched him slither around.

Hopefully his skin will heal on its own and he will be just fine, after all, he's a good snake! We need those kind.  Right?

Off he went, looking for a new home, as long as he stays away from our house, I'm good!

Update: I had many people saying that the snake looked like a rattlesnake so I contacted a well-known "snake-guy," Kerby Ross, at his website, for his thoughts on identifying the snake.

He said..."that is a Sonoran Gopher snake, totally harmless and it is a good snake to have around."

Thanks to Kerby for the information!  Vic will be happy to know he was right!

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