Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Corn is Ready!

The long anticipated corn crop is ready for pickin!

What corn you ask? Let me back up and refresh your memory or enlighten you if you haven't read prior posts...

A while back, May 1st, 2011, to be exact, we planted two fields of sweet corn. You can read about that here. This is our second "try" at successfully planting, growing, and eating the corn we have grown.  This first year was a trial run since we did not have much experience at growing an entire crop, unless you count the 10 stalks of corn we planted years ago in our garden.

Growing a successful crop entails many pitfalls to overcome, including things like monster sized weeds, creepy bugs and furry little critters that all like to habitat with the corn.  This season we tried once again to keep the crop organic, which ultimately means using no harmful pesticides. We did however, use an organic pesticide and I bet would have worked if we would have followed the directions we were given from a fellow experienced farmer. His prime piece of advice was, "spray the crop for 5 weeks in a row."

I could go off in a tangent about how some men (my husband) just don't listen to good advise and are hard headed....but I won't go there.  Anyhow, we sprayed our crop only once and the result was the same as last year, the early bird got the worm! Oh, I mean some of the corn got worms! Not to be alarmed, we didn't lose the whole crop, but still very disappointing.

On the positive side, we still have more corn than we could eat in 10 years!  We give away a good majority and we are planning to have a family-and- friends-day, that I have coined with the name, Corn Fest, where we will all get-together at the ranch and everyone will make a corn dish to share.  It will be a fun day eating corn creations and drinking ice-cold frothy drinks!

So that is my corn story, and I'm sticking to it.  Cheesy...I know.


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