Sunday, July 10, 2011

To The Beach We Go

We left for our annual family vacation to La Jolla, California where my husband's family gets together at his parent's beach house.

Our trips always start out the same, we load the car, Vic and I are stressed because the kids aren't ready or helping, someone forgot something and the car is so overloaded that we can't see out the rear-view mirror.

But this time it was different, it was calm, everyone was pitching in and ready to go, all at the same time.

This is how it went...

As we were a couple hours into our 7 hour journey, we noticed that there was a mile stretch of SNAPPED power poles.  We had a storm the night before but it was just a normal monsoon storm with rain and wind.

This place we were, somewhere between nowhere and nowhere, got hit hard!

Vic pulled over so we could look at the damage, I took a moment to get my bearings straight and snap some pics.

Across the highway was a place, a somewhere between the nowhere we were.

And this is the somewhere we were, in the middle of nowhere!

A place that may have been a somewhere to go, back in the day, but now it's not really looking like much of a place where people go. We didn't see any RV's, or trailers, or people for that matter.

But we did see animals.
We noticed someone with animals was living at the RV park!
There was a herd of goats, with a lot of babies like these two nestled up against a cow. 
Not sure if the cow was a surrogate mother, a friend, or a protector. The babies seemed to like the backrest of the cow's body.

The male goats were in a separate pen.
They were well taken care of, so I guess someone does live there in the middle of nowhere.

Glad is not me.

A little further down, in nowhere, we saw these horses hanging around. 

They looked happy too.

Just when I thought we wouldn't see anything else in the middle of nowhere, out of nowhere, came a small herd of wild burrows!

I'm glad we pulled over to check out the snapped power poles or we wouldn't have seen what we saw.

It's not every day you see so many things in the middle of nowhere!

We finally made it to the beach! 

The drive wasn't bad.

We had no incidents, driving mishaps, over-soaked diapers, or fights over which movie to play next!

It was a nice calm drive where I enjoyed a neck rub while laying over the middle console, which consequently put me to sleep, and made Vic jealous. 

He got over it, reminding me there was a time and place for paybacks coming soon.

The wait was worth it, to see my girls and my niece get together for great childhood memories.

My beautiful niece, Makenna.

Our beautiful daughter, Megan.

Another of our beautiful daughter's Hailey.

Enjoying the beach and each other.

Awe, Mom is happy.

I will post the rest of our vacation later, I have cows, kids and a greenhouse to go check on, not to mention, 5 pounds to work off from the constant eating this vacation was full of!



Rachel said...

WOW -- the damage! Oh my gosh, sooo scary!

Glad y'all were okay.

All 3 girls are gorgeous!

Poker News Whispers Team said...

Nice pictures. Voted ___

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