Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seared Ahi Tuna Fillets with Avocado

What's cookin at the Ranch?

To cure our insatiable appetite for sushi, and lack of a sushi restaurant within an hour's time, we have to get creative with our own take on sushi here at the ranch.  Luckily for us, Chef Jake was on hand to work up a seared tuna that can cure anyone's sushi cravings!

This is how it went...

If your entertaining guests or find some great quality tuna in your market, this recipe is easy and delicious! This serves as a great appetizer or can be used for a meal or atop a salad! You can master this recipe and satisfy your sushi craving while staying at home!

Fresh Ahi Tuna Fillets, yum.

Sushi might not be an old cowboy favorite, but since we were once 
city-slickers enjoying city-cuisine, it's in our blood, we have to have it often!

Or else we might go crazy!

 Back to the tuna...
Choose fillets that are sushi grade, cut thick, and are bright in color.

Drizzle each side of the Ahi tuna fillet with canola oil and rub in to ensure evenly coated.

Yes, I said CANOLA OIL, you'll read why in the directions below.

Sprinkle each side with sesame seeds and a dash of salt and pepper.

Once evenly coated, get them on the grill!

Grill the fillets on medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes per side for rare, and 3-5 minutes per side for medium to done through the center.

For us, it's rare, all the way!

 Place sliced avocado, soy sauce and the sliced seared Ahi tuna on a serving plate and enjoy... immensely!

If you want to kick-it-up with flavor, you have got to make wasabi sauce like I did with chicken kabobs.  Wasabi makes this dish taste heavenly!  


 This tuna can also be served over some white rice (sashimi style) or even atop a salad! For a light dinner idea, sear some tuna and serve it over an Asian inspired salad with edamame beans, carrots, red peppers, bean sprouts, avocado, crispy romaine lettuce and an Asian style vinaigrette! Enjoy!

Thank you to Jake for this great recipe, I had so much fun cooking, creating and capturing the process with you!

2 Ahi Tuna Fillets
1 Avocado
1 T Canola Oil
2 T Sesame Seeds
Salt and Pepper 
Soy Sauce
Wasabi (to taste)

1. Start off by rubbing the ahi tuna fillet with canola oil on both sides. (canola oil works best  because of the high smoke point compared to other oils, like olive)

2. Sprinkle the tuna with sesame seeds, salt and pepper, coating both sides of the tuna evenly.

3. On a "smoking hot" outdoor grill, or indoor pan, sear the tuna for 2-3 minutes per side. (allow more cooking time if you like it cooked through the center or less if you prefer it rare)

4. A good trick to slicing this ahi tuna is by freezing it. If you want to get thin pieces from the tuna fillets, freeze the tuna after it's cooked for at least an hour. Those of you who are less patient, slice the tuna to your thickness liking and enjoy with your wasabi soy sauce and avocado slices!
This tuna can also be served over some white rice (sashimi style) or even atop a salad! A light dinner idea would be to sear off some tuna and serve it over an Asian inspired salad with edamame beans, carrots, red peppers, bean sprouts, avocado, crispy romaine lettuce and an Asian style vinaigrette! Enjoy!

Recipe by Jake Schmitt
Photographed by BackCountryBelle


Life, Food & Cooking said...

Delicious. I even recommend grilling the avocado. Tuna is my favorite. Love the recipe.

cari said...

My mouth is watering!! yum!!

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