Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Day two with the Four C's was a blast!

After hanging out in the creek catching some sun we decided to go on a long ranger ride...just the adults.

This is how it went....

Ice chest loaded, we set off to do a run around the mountains to see the sights and hopefully a deer or two, as we came around the bend in the road a coyote ran right in front of us.  

Normally that wouldn't be a big deal but I despise the coyotes because they have eaten nearly everything dear to calves, cats, kittens, chickens and attempts at my dogs!

I screamed to Vic to get his gun! He didn't have it! Uggg, such a good chance. But Craig is a good scouter and stayed back tracking it while Vic ran back to the ranch for the gun. 

 Looking real tough, Cari, was our official gun holder.

 Vic and Craig attempted to sight in the coyote but didn't find it.

One more try and that's all she wrote, coyote got away! Pretty normal, in 6 years that we have lived on the ranch no one has ever been able to get one yet.  Coyotes are known as Ghosts of the Desert. You see them, then you don't. But somehow they always manage to get one of our beloved animals as their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Off through the mountains we go. Realizing how lucky we are to live in a state where we have such amazing beauty, the four seasons, and don't have to fear tornado's or hurricanes! I will take a dust storm over a tornado any day!

We had a lot of cattle fences to open and close but that's part of the fun and excitement of riding to new places.

Nice calves Craig!

Cari and I really were there on the ride...see!

We made it to our destination, the train tracks that bordered another section of land a couple miles from the ranch. Vic loves trains and tracks, so I took a quick moment to shoot a photo for him. 

Craig tried to move us to the other side but we weren't successful, as we didn't have the tires aired up enough for that type of crossing.

 Cari and I didn't want to walk back through the high desert, so we made sure to speak our minds when the guys were contemplating going over.

NO!!! we said.

We have children at home that need us! 

Wives always know best...right!

A little fun goes along way, rejuvenating the soul and bringing awesome family memories to enrich our lives.

We had such a great time! Now I need to walk, run, and hike for a year to work off of the great food and drinks we had!


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