Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Rock

A day at the beach, with our kids.
When you come from a place without a beach, like we do, you come to find that you appreciate the water more than those that live right near it.  Our kids live for the beach when we visit. They never want to leave, unless they are hungry. So on the third day of our vacation, we spent nearly the whole day playing in the sand and water.  We had some friends join us making the day even more fun for the kids.

This is how it went....

My nephew, Mike, kept Sophi busy playing with sand castles while the big kids went to The Rock to show off their jumping skills and hang out with some of the local kids they met while visiting.

The Rock; it's the place, the spot to hang out with friends and definitely the location to be when all of the kids start jumping into the ocean showing off their "moves."

Our kids moved right in and set their sites on jumping  off The Rock with the locals.

They learned the "rules" from the locals, that you can't take to long contemplating your jump. "You just gotta go for it," they said.

Before long our kids got it and heaved themselves off of The Rock and plunged into the ocean. 


Down they went.

Once up, with heads bobbing in the water, each smiled as if saying, "look what I just did!"

I smiled back to them.

Then the next set of our girls went for it.

Looking like pros, off they went into the ocean.

The jumping went on for hours until one of them decided they were starving, then the rest followed.

Back to the house to seek food!

After pizza and salad they were happy again and back in the water!

Why do vacations have to end?

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