Sunday, July 3, 2011

Honing Horse Photography Skills

My friend Cari and I and a few of our kids hopped on the Crew Ranger to go find the guys and see what they were up to.  Along the way, I noticed the evening sun was setting and the lighting was beautiful for a couple of shots [pictures] of the horses running around the ranch.

We stopped to admire a new horse of ours, he's a beauty but still feisty and not real people friendly. Not exactly an easy target to follow.

I stood along the fence line, with camera in hand, waiting for the perfect moment to shoot some close-ups.

This is what I shot...

I shot these pictures with a Canon EOS 7D
with a 28-135mm lens
Shutter Priority

It's hard to get a horse to do what you want!
So if you are lucky enough to get him to stand still for a moment and have the perfect lighting, you better have your camera ready!

On to the next adventure!
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