Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Friends and Skunks

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend with a change of plans. We were heading out of town and found that our dog sitters weren't available so we stayed on the ranch and invited our good friends, the four C's [Craig, Cari, Carli & Codi], up for some fun.

This is how it went....

We started out with a little cooking, I wanted to make a new bruschetta with prosciutto, fig and Asiago cheese.  It really looked beautiful but when I took a bite, I had to spit it out! The prosciutto didn't taste right! I should have known, when I'm at the deli meat counter I always ask for the fresh meat to be opened and sliced, NOT the little scrawny end piece that they are trying to finish out. It was late at night, I made the mistake and bought the meat because I didn't feel like explaining why I wanted what I wanted. 
Live and learn!

I didnt put the picture up of the final product, I din't think the rotten prosciutto deserved anymore attention!

After that disaster, we left the house, with my tail between my legs, and went for a Ranger ride.  We ran into 5 little baby skunks sitting happily under a tree trunk. Perfect time for a picture or two, but where was momma skunk? I decided I didn't care and went right up to them, within a couple feet, to get some close-ups! They don't spray yet, so I wasn't too concerned. At least I don't think they spray yet!

Awe, look at that cut little face! Their bodies were not much bigger than my hand. 

This guy just froze in place. I scared him, but he was so cute I couldn't resist the pictures.

 One by one they scurried off down the creek.

One last look to see where I am.

The gang was waiting for me, or maybe making fun my endless picture taking of 5 skunks.

After all of the ranger riding, we went back to the house and had Vic's carne asada and Corona's! 

Sorry, no pictures...What was I thinking? 
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