Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corn Crop

What's going on at the Ranch?


On our walk today, Sophi and I decided to go check on the corn crop. We recently sprayed the crop with an organic pesticide product safe for fruits, vegetables and various other plants.  It is a botanical pesticide derived from chrysanthemums.  The hopeful outcome of using this organic product will be no worms in the corn! The unfortunate part of using this product is each silk of every corn has to be sprayed to prevent the moth eggs from hatching and feeding on the corn.

 Some reading this might say, big deal, spray it with a commercial sprayer and be done with it. If we sprayed with a commercial sprayer we would use twice as much product, which is expensive, and since we don't produce sweet corn for a living, we don't have a commercial sprayer. We chose to do it the old-fashioned way, spray by hand with hand held sprayers, and spray each and every silk on every stalk. [There are thousands of plants!]

It took 5 guys and an evening of their time, a steak dinner, and a few beers to make the spraying a little more like fun and less like a job!  

That pretty much sums that up.

On our walk through the two fields of corn, I found Jack hiding under the stalks looking for a bit of shade.

Jack was hot; he could have ran down to the creek to cool off and return when he was done, but will not leave my side!

So instead he sat and waited.

Mr. Faithful.

My kinda guy!

Next to Jack was a Live Scarecrow!

Sophi did a great job of scaring off the birds, but I don't think it will last long enough to make a difference.

I will keep an eye on the progress of whether or not the organic botanical pesticide works. If so, we will be having a lot of corn, which means we will have to have a party!

It will be a Corn Fest at the ranch, start thinking of corn recipes now, I will need some help!

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