Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Visit From The Cousins

After the Round-Up, my brother, his wife, and their kids stayed for a week. 

Boy did I enjoy it!

Their visit was great for Sophia to see familiar faces and play with someone other than her mother!

It was good for me to have girl-time with my sister-in-law too.

This is how it went...

[I Photoshop'd the pictures in a Vintage-y-style...for fun's sake.] 

Simple day.

Hanging out by the creek, kids playing cards and the little ones eating peanuts and drinking Sunny-D.

Can't get much better.

My big brother, Shawn and son Joseph.

Sophi playing with her cousin.

We had a lot of sand time, which always means a lot picking of sand granules out of the many cracks and crevices two year old manage to get them in.  

We had 30 second wagon rides. As they couldn't decide who was riding or pulling.

We had a lot of water splashing time too!

Splashing was a highlight for Joe.

He got plenty of kisses from mom for his "bumps and bruises."

My adorable niece Alexis.

My gorgeous niece Brooke.

I LOVE this picture!

My brother showing off the signs of building success!
Somehow, it worked out in Vic's favor, that Shawn was up at the ranch, to put together the new trampoline for the kids. 

Funny that the last trampoline we bought....he was here too! 

The kids are loving it!

Great week for all of us.  


cari said...

What a fun week!! I LOVE that setting on your camera!! Such cool pictures!!

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