Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Mornings

To me...

Waking up Sunday morning feels different than most days.

It's a day of renewal...

The beginning of a new week...

As I walked around the house opening the doors and windows to let in the fresh crisp air I heard this strange noise out of my office windows.  I went into the office to look out, toward the front yard, to see what the noise was.

Chsshhhhh...lap lap lap....cshhhh...lap lap lap

What in the world is that noise?

Then the dogs heard it and came running around to the front yard barking like crazy.  I began to worry, just a little bit, thinking was it a snake in a precarious position, or cat stuck in a tree fighting another?


I began to think of my plan to see what it was without running straight out the front door and barreling into the front yard to satisfy my curiosity.  I thought I'd be tricky and go around the backyard to sneak my peek.

Tiptoeing through the grass, there it was the noise again...

Chsshhhhh...lap lap lap....cshhhh...lap lap lap

Crouching down in my pajamas [if someone was watching me what would they think], and peering around a tall bush I saw it!

It was huge and black and it's tongue was lapping in and out of its mouth like a thirsty monster right in my front yard!

Oh GEEZ it was just a few "teenagers" [cows] that somehow escaped from their pasture and decided the sprinklers and bright green grass looked tasty!

Maybe they were feeling grimy and needed a shower too?

Now we gotta get them back to their yard!

Enjoy your day!

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