Thursday, June 16, 2011


Enjoying a moment in the day where I was making a very good attempt at rejuvenating my body and feeding my soul with a good book all while lazily laying on my comfy lawn chair while Sophia made her version of sand castles and mud pies in her sand box, I heard a few really loud cracking noises just behind me.

Minding my own business, I ignored the cracking noises, thinking it was just a cow rubbing up against a tree in the creek or the neighboring rancher working on some fences. I heard it again.  The clicking sound was getting louder, and caused me to pull myself up and out of my calm trance-like state of the  fantasy-world my book was giving me and jump up into reality to see what-the-heck-the-noise was! 

Just as I got to my feet, the most horrendous sound came echoing through the canyon and creek bouncing right into my tranquil back yard. 


Sophia came running to me and latched onto my leg for dear life and when my leg didn't give her answers or the comfort she needed she began reaching for me with fright in her eyes.  I grabbed her and started running to the house to find Vic or someone to help me go see what happened down in the creek.

I found Vic and the cowboys and we hopped in our Rangers and drove full throttle to find the source of the noise.

As we traveled through the water, upsetting the creek and all of its swimming creatures, we came up on our pipe fenced gate that separates our land from the neighbor, and saw that it was ripped from the hinges and thrown down to the ground with unimaginable force.  To the right of the gate was the source of the force that smashed the 4-pole steel fence to the ground like a pancake.

The strong winds had taken down half of an old cottonwood tree sending it to the ground.  Fortunately their were no cows or people in its path only the steel fence that will now have to be replaced.

This is what it looked like....

 It's hard to show in pictures the enormity of this tree.

One good part of this tree coming down...Looks like a nice spot for family photos.

I feel kind of bad for the old tree, it's probably 100+ years old.

Another good spot for photos.

The culprit, the tree must be sick, as it was hollowed out from the inside on one side of it's trunk.

Doesn't look like much in the picture, but up close and personal the massive branches, crushed fence, and gate is pretty spectacular.

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