Monday, June 20, 2011

A Night with the Arizona Diamondbacks

We had the opportunity to go to the Diamondbacks baseball game. So we turned it into "date-night" and left the kids home with grandma in hopes to catch up on some much needed time with our friends and family.

This is how it went...

Vic, Kevin (my brother-in-law) and Craig (friend) decided to take "the wives" out for dinner before the game.  Their plan was to take us to Majerlies for some "Slam-Dunk Shrimp" that is to die for, in my book.  We made it to Majerlies but we were missing one of the girls! Craig's wife Cari stayed home sick.  

We missed having Cari with us! 

But...Lisa did a great job playing surrogate wife to Craig. 

 Lisa and her real husband.

Cheers to the beginning of a great night!

On our way to watch the Diamondbacks beat the White Sox!

 The guys... running ahead to get the door for us! 

Or...were we walking too slow?

They can't wait to get there!

Two of "us" were already having WAY too much fun!

We had sweet Suite seats! Thanks to one of our friends who is a D-Backs player.

Great game! The fans are happy!!!

The game went into the 9th inning, Hudson pitched a game-ending double-play that led the D-backs to another victory!

 After the Diamondbacks won the game, we were invited down into the dug out to watch the fire works show.

 The dug-out right after the game.

Our three guys, sitting where the players sat, talking about plays in the game.
Can't get much better than that for them.

As I was taking pictures, to show the kids the next day, I saw this really cool TV camera and snapped a picture. Not realizing it was taping, I looked over to my left and saw that a guy was talking into it so I took a quick picture of him too.

After I took the picture, [our] guys said..."you know who that was don't you?" "No who?" I said.

"That was the lead pitcher, Daniel Hudson, who pitched the game tonight and won!"

He smiled at me and kept doing his interview.

Daniel Hudson pitched his first career complete game and was darn proud of it.  A year ago he was traded by the White Sox to the Diamondbacks, so the win was big for him.

On our way back down to the waiting area I snapped a couple of shots of the guys taking care of the players shoes.

Their jobs are to get the field dirt off of the shoes by spraying the outsides with cleaner.

I need someone like that at my house! We have a lot of dirty shoes.

Two guys for that job.

Another to wipe and dry all of the shoes.

Off we go to the waiting area for [our] player.
Thanks goes to him for the tickets and a great game!


cari said...

Awesome pictures DeEtte!! Although I'm feeling a bit slighted for no "props" for making it to the game :-) lol...jk...Thank goodness Lisa took care of Craig! :-)

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