Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lobster Tacos

Sophia and I went on our morning walk today, I was dressed in black running shorts, [not a runner], a pink Nike tank top, and my brand-spanking new black and gray Nike running shoes [still not a runner], looking very athletic I might add, but not really feeling it. 

I was really just checking out the sights when I noticed King, our short-legged Labrador, jump into the irrigation ditch and begin underwater diving at something that caught his interest.  After the muddy water settled and the crystal clear water came running through, I saw a giant crawdad! It looked like a mini lobster.  
Seeing the crawdad made me feel a little Huckleberry Finn-ish, so I ran and got a bucket and found a stick and began my exploration of finding more crawdads.

I asked myself why I wanted to collect these ugly creatures and all I could think of was that it reminded me of when I was a little kid playing outside with my brothers and acting like a tomboy. I had to show Sophia how to play out in the wild!

Well I guess the kid in me came out, because before I knew it I was not caring that I had brand new tennis shoes on, I was getting down and dirty in the water trying to capture these creatures.  Sophia watched me and held onto the bucket until I added the second crawdad, that's when she became concerned that they might bite her.

 An hour into our exploration and capture mission, I looked over at Sophia and saw her red and worn-out face; she was done! I surrendered my fun to welcome back my favorite job...motherhood.

Fortunately, Vic drove us home, and he had a plan for the crawdads!

This is how it went...

 Not a bad catch! 

I'm sure they were thinking this was NOT the plan for their day!

So what to do with these guys???

After typing the words How To Cook Crawdads in Google I found a million and ten ways to begin.  The jest...do it as the Louisianians do, Cajun style. That works when you have all of the stuff ready in your pantry for the next Cajun-crawfish-cookout you have at your house. Not happening in Arizona!

First things first...gotta clean the mud-eating creatures! I found the best way, according to many websites, was to salt them down and hose or rinse with clean water.  

I put them in a large colander inside of a larger bowl and covered them with salt and cold water. About 10 minutes later rinsed them off.

Then I was done, because I could no longer stand to watch.
That's when Vic took over.

The Louisianians cook them whole but we didn't want to deal with...all of the parts, so he simply cut off the tails to avoid the mess of the body.

I read that people "enjoy" many of the parts we threw away but I just couldn't, that's all I will say about that.

In the pot of boiling water I added some Cajun spice, salt, garlic salt, thyme,  and the juice of a half of a lemon.

Boiled for 15 minutes.

Let drain and cool on a paper-towel until ready to crack and peel.

Here they are...bite-sized and very tasty! 

You could make some drawn butter, dip, and be done in 15 seconds or make tacos out of them. Which is what I opted for.

I started cooking some white rice to use as a filler in the tacos.  Mexican rice would be great too, but I'm not a fan, so we went with plain white rice instead.

Sophia sat at the kitchen table watching me...

"Mom, picture of me?" 
"Yes, because you are such a good girl and so darn cute," I said. [Snap]

The key to any good taco is the tortilla. We buy homemade flour tortillas from a little shop in our town. 

I added a little butter after cooking both sides of the tortilla.

I added the cooked white rice, sprinkled with Cojita cheese, salt and pepper.

Sprinkle on your favorite hot-sauce. 

Then add some chopped lettuce and diced tomatoes.

There you have it, an unexpected meal for the day, "lobster tacos."

Believe it or not, they tasted awesome!

Can't wait to hear all of the comments and/or stories this post will bring!


Heather said...

Way to be resourceful! Those look yummy!

I don't think I would have had an appetite after preparing them though, ha ha. I get squeemish even peeling shrimp :P

cari said...

The Tacos look awesome....but you know me..my main concern is that your new shoes aren't dirty!! :-)

JoAnne said...

Oh dear, not for me! After I caught them and saw the little worms crawling out from under the shells, yuk!
How did the worms taste?
Gotta know!

backcountrybelle said...

JoAnne, I didn't see or taste any worms! Thank goodness! That turns my stomach!

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