Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Just Yesterday...

I said we were done
I couldn't take the heartache of losing another one

Just Yesterday...

I was pregnant again
what joy you brought 
mending my once broken heart and filling it with love again

Just Yesterday...

You were a baby in my arms so sweet and peaceful
learning to crawl and walk brought excitement to us all

Just Today...

You said you were ready
with Teddy Bear and Bunny tucked into your side
I laid next to you reading your favorite books
then watched you fall fast asleep
in your new Big Girl Bed!

This is how it went...

Big sister, Hailey, Sophia and I spent all day transitioning Sophia's room from crib to big-girl-bed. We had such fun, but the changes were a bit overwhelming for Sophia.  She cried when the room was all done and didn't want to take her nap in the big bed, "only crib" she said, over and over.

I too was sad to see that my last one, the baby, is really no longer a baby.

When night-time approached, I asked her if she wanted to read books and go to sleep in her big girl bed. She didn't answer at first, but when we got into her room, she looked around and said yes.

When bedtime approached, she sat on the bed under the beaded canopy, holding her new puppy, and telling it that it was time to go to bed.

We talked about her side-rails and how they would protect her from falling out of bed. We talked about the pretty sparkly beads and how she was like a princess in her new bed.

She played with the beads once more and said, 
"mommy you read books wif me." 

We read a Princess story that I hoped would bring magical fairy-tails to her dreams.

We read another favorite which was one that I used to read her sisters when they were young.

She held onto "Cozy," her beloved blanket, we said our prayers, and I told her I would lay with her until she fell asleep. "I love you Mommy," "leave door open all the way," she said. I turned out the light and crawled back onto the bed and laid there listening to her breath while the knot in my throat grew and the tears welled up in my eyes, realizing my baby is growing before my very eyes.


cari said...

Oh DeEtte!! The thought of my own going out into the world in a few years...uggg!!! Sophia is so lucky to have you!!!

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