Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jack & King Are All Ears

My boys, Jack and King [my dogs], have been shaking their heads for about a month now. I have searched through their ears with flashlights, tweezers on standby, and ear drops, trying to figure out what-in-the-world is wrong with them.

King shakes his head then Jack follows.

Sometimes it's in unison.

Maybe it's a trick!

Tired of worrying something was drastically wrong I made an appointment to see the Veterinarian to get to the bottom of it. 

Unfortunately for me, it is not fun hauling the boys to town as they are ranch dogs, not the type of dogs that cozy up in the back seat excited to go in the car.  My dogs pant, drool, and walk in circles until the car is moving fast enough that they finally settle down.  They would much rather ride in Polaris Rangers where their heads can stick out the sides, their ears can flap in the wind, and they can jump out in a moment's notice.

I brought my oldest daughter to come with us so I would have help. Thankfully! The moment I opened the car door, the panting and drooling began again, I took them out of the car and the frenzy started.  It's like a scene out of Dumb and Dumber, they criss-cross back and forth until the leashes are in a tangled mess and the person stuck holding the leashes have their ankles nearly severed from the dogs circling round and round! 

It only took us 10 minutes to get 25 feet from the car to the office entrance, but that's okay, we made it in!

This is how it went...

After we got them calmed down, we were finally able to make a dash for the front door to get them in the building!

Weights done; King needs to lose a little [ he's a food thief ], and Jack needs to gain a little [ he gets jilted out of food ].

Jack thinks if he can hide under the chair no one will see him.

He won't even look me in the eye.

Poor boy is scared.

King is scared too, but instead of hiding, he wants to sit in my lap!

Sorry boy you are too heavy, not to mention your breath!

The Vet [doctor] came in to give the boys their shots and look into their ears but they were too "feisty" so they took them one-by-one to the dreaded...back room, where dogs who nip, get wrangled down by two or three people to keep them in place.

When the doctor came back with King, he pulled down the metal table and set a paper-towel with something quite interesting on top, as if presenting a gift.

It was a darn FOXTAIL that was the culprit of King's head shaking!

We have a lot of these weeds, they can reek havoc on animals ears.  King must have been going crazy with that deep in his ear canal.

Glad that was over for him.

As for Jack, he was Foxtail free! He didn't have an ear infection either.

He was trying to trick me for attention!

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