Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farewell to Princess

I have the same routine with my animals everyday.  All four, two dogs and two cats, sit at the back door peering through the glass watching for movement in the house.

I make the coffee first.

Then I go outside and say good morning to each as they put on a display of affection including dancing, prancing and arching with tails wagging and swagging.

Then I feed them.

One morning a while back, Princess, my favorite cat, wasn't there to greet me. She has done this before but usually only for two days at the most.

I never really liked cats before I moved to the ranch. I never thought they had much personality and they don't come to you when you call them!  My thoughts about cats all changed when I fell in love with Princess.  

Princess was named Princess because she ruled the ranch. She came with the ranch when we bought it.  She owned our back patio, and allowed our two new ranch puppy's to live with her after several cat-clawings to show the dogs who was boss.  They became great friends and protected each other from predators invading their space.  Whether it was a skunk looking for a left-over morsel of dog food or a coyote on the hunt, they have always been together like a pack. She ran with the dogs, rough and tumbled like a dog, and went on walks and hikes wherever we went.  She hunted mice and gophers and kept the population of those to a nice minimum.  She even accepted one more to the pack when one of her "grand-children" [cat] came from the barn to the house looking for refuge and daily meals. {He's a lazy one}

It's been three weeks now.
I look for her everyday.
I call her name everyday.

We have coyotes that most of our barn cats succumb to at some point in their lives. We also have mountain lions, bob-cats and owls too. Though I have never heard of a mountain lion getting a cat.  I have seen an owl take on a cat like nobody's business. I never thought an owl could pick up a normal sized cat but seeing the after-effects myself, I can attest that does happen.

 She's probably not coming back.

We are all sad in the household and I thought I would create a scrapbook or photo album of Princess so that we could easily look back on pictures of her to keep her memory alive, for a while anyways.  That's when I discovered I really didn't have very many pictures.  Over the six years that we had her, I only have a handful. 

These are just a few...

Princess on the prowl for some delicious treat running through the fields.

One of the two litters she had before I took her in to get spayed.

She was a great mama.  She would have her kittens somewhere on the ranch in a hidden location. Then when the time was right, she brought them up to the house one-by-one and put them down on the porch floor as if she was saying "look what I it's your turn to take over!"

Princess was Sophia's best friend, she was gentle and let her carry her around anywhere.

Goodbye to our girl, Princess {Mama Kitty} as Sophia and I called her.

I encourage people to take more pictures of the things they love. 

Once they are gone you can't get them back.


Jake said...

So sad!!!!!

cari said...

:-( That back patio won't be the same without Princess :-(

ranchlady said...

My heart hurts for you. I still grieve over our lost horses, certain special cats and of course Bo our sweet Dobie. So sorry.


Tami said...

Its always such a sad time when a fury friend is gone! Sorry to hear about Princess!

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