Thursday, June 2, 2011

Corn Fest Coming Soon!

The lazy days of summer brings fond memories of eating watermelon, Popsicles and drinking iced tea.  

This summer we will be adding corn cobs to that list!

It'll be a CORN FEST here at the ranch in no time.

We planted over a 1000 seeds.

Does that mean we need to invite a thousand people up to eat all of them?


This is how it's going....

The seedlings are growing up, just like kids do; they grow like weeds!

Planted on May 1st; in our climate, they always say to plant right after Mother's Day.  We planted a week earlier as it seemed like Spring had sprung!

On May 10th we had snow just 20 minutes from the ranch!
I thought the crop would be doomed but the frost and freezing temperatures we experienced didn't affect the corn.

So here we are with happy corn growing.

The field Vic chose is a new one. 
It's alway been various types of grasses and natural vegetation for the cows. 

This is the second field of corn. I was hoping the seeds were planted several weeks apart so we wouldn't have a thousand ears of corn to eat in one week's time, but it's not looking that way.

The second best part of growing corn is letting the kids run through stalks and when they are done with that, the cows get to eat what's left over!  

We will have even happier cows as soon as they see those corn stalks!
They go crazy!


cari said...

I am so ready for some corn :-)...and the front patio chair, and an ultra :-)

backcountrybelle said...

Me Too! Let's plan on it!

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