Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bringing Home A Bull

"Creative Herding" that's how Vic runs things when it comes to the cows and bulls here at the ranch.  

I have my opinion about the cows, but it usually doesn't count too much, and that's just fine with  me. 

I'm happier taking pictures of them rather than deciding the multitude of decisions that have to be made when you have a gazillion cows, calves and bulls running [walking] around.

I'm the cow's advocate. 

When a cow needs a shoulder to cry on, I'm right there waiting. 

Just Kidding...

Vic told me the night before, he was going to Las Vegas Ranch to buy a new bull and wanted the kids and I to come along.

Yeah picture time!

We got up bright and early, and were out the door by 7:00ish. 
(That's a feat for me.)

This is how it went....

An hour and a half later we were there!

These are the Hereford Bulls we looked at.  
For those of you that know us, or our cattle, they are primarily Black Angus and Long Horns. Vic's been changing up some things and has room for a new man on the of these BULLS.

When I crawled through the fencing and into the corral I didn't think about the fact that these are testosterone filled bulls, who are wild, not used to being trapped, especially with a crazy girl taking pictures of them. I figured Vic and the cowboys would keep them at bay so I could get a few shots.

So how does one go about choosing you ask? They all look the same!

Well I will tell ya!

You pick the cutest one!

Not really, maybe a little.

You look at confirmation, which is the overall side view, hind-end and front view. You also look at whether it stands square, the body condition, age, chest, head, color and markings and a few other things I'm sure I missed.

I fell in love with this one, number 13, only because he was cute and had no horns. Not having horns is a plus, but because of that, he looked a little feminine. Not saying that isn't a good thing but when you buy a bull you want him to look like a bull! 

This guy didn't have good confirmation anyway.
I still like him though.

I don't think any of them wanted to be picked.
If they only knew what was waiting for them at their soon-to-be ranch!!
A whole brood of girls!

We sorted out the ones we didn't want except for the middle one, number 17, who was the biggest and baddest of all.

We wanted him until...we heard his name was "Loco" meaning crazy! We don't need any crazy bulls at our ranch! Ours are nice and friendly.

We have our eye on the guy on the left, number 48. His coloring was darker than the rest by a few shades and I liked his white markings.

Notice the white markings on the chests...#48's looks like a bird flying, Loco's is a heart [Ahhhh], and #6's was not as distinguishable-he's out!

There's my favorite again, the feminine one, who's sporting a poop smeared face.
Time to separate again. We asked that they pull out the one's we definitely didn't want to narrow it down further. We were going on a half an hour now. My head was getting confused as they were starting to look the same again.

This is where it got really tricky. The cowboys separated the bulls into this narrow corral and planned on letting out the one's we didn't want to go into the corral where Kiko (the cowboy holding the gate) was standing. 

That's when #17 - "Loco," showed his true colors! He went ballistic and head-butted the gate Kiko was holding. He rammed his head so hard into the gate the force was frightening. The gate flipped back nearly ripping it off of the hinges. Kiko missed getting hurt by inches! 

That's when I had a new appreciation for the power of a bull.

Pulling out the "good" ones.

Number 6 didn't want to come home with us!

It's down to just a few...

The winner is...#48! 

He's young, a junior only 16 months old!

Good confirmation, weight, markings, etc.

I like the "bird" marking on his chest, it looks like a Phoenix Bird.

Sorry #13, there's not room for the both of you!
I'll miss you! [waaa-sniff-sniff]
I'm okay.

In you go Junior!

You see his right ear standing up? He was listening to me squeal as I was a bit too close for comfort all in the name of getting a picture.

In he went like a good boy.

Vic paid for him.

Then we left happily with our new bull who will one day very soon be a stealthy man with a herd of cows all to himself!

I will show you how he does!

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