Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working with Daisy

Today we worked with Daisy to get her calf, Daisy May, used to people.
We made a surprise visit to Daisy, she  sure looks surprised to put it nicely.

 We started by placing them in a smaller pasture that had an area near the barn where they could freely walk in and out of. This pasture is also connected to the new corrals built to hold Daisy and her calf while they get spoiled by me. 

Sophi and I went inside the corrals and let Daisy May come up to us to get acquainted with our "smell," (after taking a morning jog, I bet it's not a pretty smell either.)

"Comeeer wittle baby, comeer." said Sophi to Daisy May.

She tried many attempts to get the baby cow to smell her hand!

Each time the cow came close, Sophi pulled back fearing it would lick her hand.

It's a stand-off between hand and nose. who will win?

Sophi pulled back in such a hurry it startled the baby and she ran back to her mom, Daisy.
That's what I always want to do when someone wants to pet my nose! 
Where's my mommy!

Better luck tomorrow!

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