Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water, Hoses and Sisters

I sat on the back porch trying to rediscover an old favorite past time of mine, reading, while watching out of the corner of my eye, Sophi and Megan play together.

When I heard a lot of laughing going on and saw that Megan was telling Sophia what to do with the hose I thought I better put the book down and grab my camera.

I'm so glad I did.

I caught Sophi getting her first drink out of a hose like we used to in the "old" days before we all worried about plastic being BPA free. 

The sweetness and innocence of a simple drink is beautiful.

I should sit back down and enjoy my reading time but I can't resist watching them.

Megan taught her that putting her hands over the end of the hose will squirt all over.

She didn't realize that included a squirt to the face!

Sophi got smart, instead of listening to the commands of her big sister she decided to chase after her to squirt her in the face.

Megan did her best to dodge her.

The next command was... "put the hose on your head, it'll be fun!"

Ahh, poor Sophi didn't realize she was getting dooped by her big sis.

Megan thought it was funny.

Sophi thought it was first.

Then she realized she was cold! The wind was blowing.

"Mommy me cold, change me."

Look at those chubby knees, gotta love them.

They weren't done, Sophi wanted to go back on the trampoline.

Sometimes the smallest things are life are the most important.
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