Monday, May 2, 2011

Teeter Totter

I got this bright idea I would look on line to buy Sophia some new outdoor toys as it's been tough keeping her busy little mind entertained all day long.

I thought a teeter toter would be really cool because I loved mine when I was little.  My brothers and I played on one for years.

I found a nice one from STEP 2, checked out the reviews, and ordered it along with a sand box and a mud pie kitchen (every kid needs to make mud pies).

After a long day at work, I asked Vic to put together the teeter toter, with a 
do-I-have-to look on his face, he reluctantly agreed. Sophia was happy, isn't that all that matters!

As he began the putting-it-together-process, Sophi wanted to use the tools and put the toy together with her dad.  She must have said "I do it" 15 times. Vic was really happy and boasting that she will be good with her hands and maybe be a good mechanic, machinist, or something. I'm thinking, "Great! whatever happened to wishing for your daughter to be a doctor or dentist or teacher?"


Mmmm, I think we have had enough aerospace machinists in our family, we need a few doctors to take care of us when we are old!

Anyway this is how it went....

Plopped on the mudroom floor, Sophia got the tools from dad's tool-bag like a journeyman apprentice.

Vic wasn't too happy about me taking pictures, he was tired, dirty from working all day and shirtless.  I made sure I cropped out the back hair! 

Just kidding.

She wanted to use the allen wrench!

She did a great job.

"I do it Daddy."

Project Complete! 
Sophia sat down on one end and Vic looked at me and said, why did you get her a teeter totter? Who is going to ride with her? Her sisters are too big and so are we!

I tried my hardest to teeter with her, but mostly my legs just tottered holding my weight and trying to pretend I was having fun. I looked like a squatting frog too and that wasn't the best look for me. 

I guess she will have to play on the teeter totter when my nephew comes up for a visit or a friend stops by and happens to have a two year old with them.

In the meantime, we have the new sand box and mud pie mixing kitchen to play with! 

So there Vic! 

(Vic said he could fill a bag with 30lbs of sand to set on the other side.) 

Maybe that will work!


cari said...

I was kind of thinking about who she was going to teeter totter with as I was reading..:-) We will have to bring Ethan up there to balance it out :-)

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