Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sigh of Relief

Milton Bradley Operation Game

Have you ever played the game of Operation
I used to when I was a kid and loved it.

Last night...I felt like I played Operation on my two year old and I wasn't lovin it.

This is how it went...

My mom was over for a visit, we were in the office talking and playing with Sophi, when my mom mentioned she needed to call my grandma to check on her. 
My mom got on the phone, I proceeded to check my email and somewhere in the two minutes I read my email, Sophia walked out of the room. The eyes on the side of my head watched her walk toward the front door and I knew she was up to something, it was just way to quiet.

"Sophia! What are you doing?" I said.

No answer.

"Sophia, What are you up to? I said.

No answer.

I did get a "walk-by-and-look-into-the-room-where-my-mom-is-and-pretend- she-doesn't-see-me-look."

I asked again, "Sophia what are you doing? and I got up to go see for myself.

"No mommy...bead," she said.

The sixth sense in my body kicked in as I had that feeling something wasn't right.  I picked her up and brought her back into the room so I could figure it out.  She had a tissue in her hand and said "blow nose," so I wiped her nose and she cried out "nose urt" (hurt).

"Oh NOooooooo!" I yelped. 

My heart skipped a beat and sunk to my ankles and I jumped up saying, "Mom I need you!" "Hang up the phone!"

I ran into my laundry room and laid her down on the counter where I could take a good look into her nose.

I was crouched over Sophia pulling her nostril this way and that way while my mom was crouched over me holding the flashlight, that's when I saw the hot pink sparkle infused bead deep inside her left nostril!

"Oh Dear God" I said.
My stomach sank to my ankles again, I left Sophia with my mom while I went and got my tools...tweezers and a crochet hook. The hook seemed a bit scary but I found one that kind of poked out a bit.  I thought it might work.

I started with the tweezers but the darn bead moved around. The thought of the bead going any further made my stomach drop to my ankles again.

I called Vic to tell him about the bead incident and ask him what he thought I should do. "Try it again" he said.

My mom and I got back into position and began with the tweezers again. I felt like I was playing Operation. Uggg

The bead moved, once again I felt the fear sweep through my core and the thought of what if it goes up further overwhelmed my body?

"Lets go to the ER" my mom said.

Instead, I called Vic and said,  "we know four doctors can you call one of them and ask what I should do?!!!" and hung up.

My mind was calm but worried, so I paced, waiting for him to call back.

A few minutes later he called back and said, "ok, Todd said the bead wont go any further, try again."

"Oh Dear Lord," I said and gulped.

"How the heck am I gonna do this?" I said to myself. I said a short but sweet prayer and laid her back down to try again.

We, the mother hens, assumed our previous positions and I changed my tool to the crochet hook.  As I gently fished around for the center of the bead, trying not to get weak in the knees, I got the end of the hook into the center of the bead and pulled it out!

"Oh thank you Lord!" whispered out of my mouth.

I stood there, relieved, staring at that hot pink sparkley bead and all I could do was be thankful.  We didn't have to drive 40 minutes to the hospital and torture her with the scariness of doctors, instruments and being pinned down to remove a craft object from an orifice!

Sophia calmed down after a lot of hugs and kisses and went to sleep shortly thereafter. 

Todd, the doctor, called to check on the progress, and I was happy to report the good news.

I called Vic back and told him, "Mission Accomplished!" He was happy and went on to play in his mens slow-pitch game. 

With a sigh of relief, the mother hens sat and talked about what happened another hour...or two.

The End.

I wonder how many other parents have had this happen? If you have a story, l would love to hear about it.


cari said...

Oh so scary!!! Carli did the same thing with one of the little pads that protect the kitchen cabinets from slamming closed! :-)...we ended up at the ER...the size of the tweezers were absolutely amazing that they used!!!

Carly said...

I hope you had something to drink after all of that!!

rmg said...

Tyler stuck a ninja turtle up his nose and had to have it surgically removed after the ER pushed it up into his nasal cavity.....good times.

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