Saturday, May 28, 2011

Round Up: Down Time

[Continued scenes from our Round Up]

Stomachs were full from lunch and the guests were planning out whether to play volleyball, hayride, horseshoes, or hang out by the better place to relax than by the cool water.

This is how the down time and play time went....

My friends and family...

Rhonda, Lisa, Stephanie and Aunt JoAnn

Aunt Cathy kickin back by the creek.

Aunts n Uncles


Beautiful day hanging out by the creek!

My nephew Jake holding my baby...not so baby anymore, Sophia.

Nephews...Mike and Jake hanging out with Sophia.

 The kids enjoyed the jumper and swing set.

Hailey and her friends...

Nicky, Sierra, Hailey and Kendall

Good friends enjoying the shade.

Scotty and family.

Grama Lou with her puppy "Maks" and Patty.

Aunt Heather chillin.

My friend Cindy talking up a storm.

Grama Judie who was having a great day listening to the band.

Cowboy Brian and his babe, Emma.

Kids playing volleyball.

 Melissa and her mom and dad.


Papa Ron gave hayrides to the families and kids.

We had a lot of excitement when our friends, Mike and Carol, flew their helicopter to the party!!! The kids really enjoyed watching it land and take off when they left.

There they go!

My brother Shawn spending some great moments with his 2 year old son.

The day went by so fast!

 I didn't have enough time to talk to everyone or really sit down for any length of time but I was happy everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoy life!

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